Covert Geo Targeter Review - New WordPress Plugin - Boost Your Revenue With Geo-Targeting

Covert Geo Targeter Review - New WordPress Plugin - Boost Your Revenue With Geo-Targeting

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Even if you’ve had some sort of interaction previously, you can 

hardly expect an expert to drop everything and reply to you when 

you do not explain any benefits they would get. 

Our 6 and 7 figure marketers have the perfect covert geo targeter review

Explain to your interviewee(s) that you want to create a product, 

starring them, and that they can promote this product to their lists 

and get 100% commission for each product sold. 

There are many ways your product can be integrated into an 

experts’ marketing campaign. They can: 

 Email out your product URL link in their newsletter. 

 Offer your product as a bonus to another product they sell, 

adding further value to their offer and boosting covert geo targeter review

 Upload your product to their subscription-based membership 

site as new content 

Just ensure all links go to your site so you are building a 

list……….the possibilities are endless!

Always give them 100% of commissions if they choose to charge 

their subscribers. 

This is not the time to start negotiating a 60/40 deal, or even a 

90/10 deal. 

The deal is you grow a covert geo targeter review of engaged, targeted subscribers rapidly, 

and your experts gain a new product to sell / give away as a bonus 

for zero work. 

Unlike other forms of list building where you don’t knowwhere 

traffic is coming from, or if new subscribers are engaged, this 

method ensures you build a list with subscribers that are genuinely 

interested in your niche.  


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