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I’m not going to give you a tutorial on how to create an opt in page in covert gawkr review because they have many tutorial videos on their site once you sign up for FREE so go to the link above, sign up for your free 1 4 day
account and start creating your opt in page! In brief , the aim of your opt in page is to get someone to entier their email address! So keep it short and simple by telling them what they get and what they need to do to get access.
In our live month coaching, we teach you more details of how to do this, as well as MUCH more. 
It’s a page in between the opt in page and the download page that offers them ONE CHANCE to buy something that's related to the free gift that they opted in for on the previous page. On your one time offer page, I recommend selling something for between $7 ­ $27. On the example above, I sell my $3k in 5 Days product for just $7.
Usually 5 out of every 1 00 people who see this will buy it. That’s a 5% conversion rate, as we talked about in the first section of this course. So let’s talk about how to put together your One Time Offer Page. The first thing you’ll need is a one time offer to sell! Your One Time Offer Product Just as the ‘lead magnet’ you can find your one time offer on 
However, before we continue, did you know that with my Ready Made Trio Profit machines, you get 5 ready made machines which all include a lead magnets and a one time offer product! You won’t need to do anything yourself, you can just start using them right now to start making money with. If you think about it, to buy rights for a product to sell on Master Resale Rights, it would cost you around $20. You might aswell invest in 5 Ready Made Done For You Trio Profit Machines that i’ve hand made for you and which are the same TPM’s that are making me money right now! Anyway, if you decide you want to do it yourself, then here’s how  This is great as it relates to the lead magnet we found in step 1 . This costs $1 0.29 to get rights to, and you can start selling this on your one time offer page! How To Create Your One Time Offer Page Again, you can simply use ClickFunnels to create your one time offer page. You can access clickfunnels For FREE for 1 4 days by clicking here  It’s important to remember to include the following things on your one time offer page.
1 ­ Pre headline telling them that their download has been sent to ther email, as you can see here

2 ­ Description of your one time offer product with covert gawkr reviewYou need to SELL your one time offer. Many times, the product you buy from Master Resale Rights will come with a ready made sales page. You can simply copy the sales copy or parts of it from the ready made sales page and put it on your one time offer page.
3 ­ eCover graphic Include an image of the ecover so people can see what they are about to buy. This gives it tangible value and makes it seem ‘real’. People like to see what they are going to be paying for Here’s what mine looks like on my one time offer page:

3 ­ No Thanks Link At The Bottom
You want to give people the option to skip the one time offer if they are not interested. If you do not, you will piss off the people who don’t want to buy, and they may unsubscribe from your 
covert gawkr reviewThe ‘no thanks’ link will be linked to your download page. As you can see, it’s big and bold to show people that they can access their download by clicking it. Remember, not everyone will buy your one time offer, and the people who won’t buy your one time offer, may buy the affiliate offers you promote to them on the download page in Income stream 2 ­ the DPI (Download Page Income)


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