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Dads, don’t think for a second that the parent blogging community is all about moms! The dad blogging community is one of the fastest growing in the blogo- sphere, with readers, fellow bloggers, and sponsors taking notice. Dads offr a wonderful and often unheard take on parenting, contributing to a seemingly female-dominated topic — what it means to be a parent. Check out the dads at How to Be a Dad (, Life of Dad (, and ( to get a taste of the vibrant dad blogging community. Turning your offle hobby into a convertifire review
You probably already have offle hobbies that consume time and energy, and about which you have great passion. You also probably have plenty to say on the topic, but too few people are genuinely interested in hearing you expound about your hobby.
Find your compatriots online by starting a blog about your hobby and hooking into a community of people who share your passion both for the activity and for news and discussion about your hobby. You can fid many terrifi hobby blogs out there about everything from scrapbooking to jewelry-making to collecting airline safety cards. One popular area of hobby blogging is the world of crafting. Bloggers who craft typically share step-by-step instructions with detailed photographs explaining their latest project. Readers love to pin their favorite ideas to Pinterest and emulate the blogger’s projects in their own homes. Visit Vintage Revivals (www., Smile and Wave (
blog/diy), and Homey Oh My! (convertifire review) for just a small sample of this booming blogging community.

Talking technology With so many devices used daily, even the most technologically savvy person needs help from time to time. How often have you brought home a new cellphone, ripped open the box with great excitement, and then failed utterly to fiure out how to get your contacts imported? How many times have you uploaded your family’s photographs onto your home PC only to realize that you’re not sure how to get them back out? We all have the occasional technology question. Technology bloggers have fiured this out, writing blogs that explain how to resolve common problems as well as blogs that whet your appetite for new gadgets. You can fid a number of highly successful technology blogs around the web, including some that have been in existence for years and years. Some of these blogs are specialized to a particular kind of tool or software; some are just about conveying the latest and greatest across the fild. If you work in technology or just have a passion for it, you can start a blog about your enthusiasm. That’s what Kris McDonald did when she founded Little Tech Girl (

Getting political with it No matter where you sit on the political spectrum, you live in interesting political times. You’ll never be short of topics, from the latest political scandal to the next national election. Some of the most popular political bloggers have turned their online musings into full-fldged careers in the media, providing commentary for everything from talk shows to newspaper columns. Conversely, some traditional journalists have bowed out of newspapers and television to move to a blog. This niche has room for many kinds of blogs, from those criticizing national pol-
icy to those covering local school board and city elections. If you have a craving to get involved in politics but don’t want to run for offi, a blog might be a great way to develop an effctive voice. And if you’re a politician, you can follow the example of Barack Obama, who used a blog as part of his campaign strategy whilemsuccessfully running for the presidency of the United States. For some, the urge to sound of on politics has led to incredible blogging success while challenging the convertifire review. Take, for example, Truthdig (, which won four Webby Awards. (The Webbys are the web’s equivalent of the Oscars.) Shown four Webby Awards. (The Webbys are the web’s equivalent of the Oscars.) Shown in Figure  8-3, Truthdig was started by journalist Robert Scheer and publisher Zuade Kaufman to be a source for political commentary and news that challenges the “wisdom of the day.” Reporting news The offle world is full of general news sources — the 200-page newspaper that struggles to appeal to all its readers or the broadcast news show that does local car chases and the weather well — and not much else. Specialized news sources are hard to come by. Online, the situation is a little diffrent. Quite a few news outlets have opted to offr news personalization features, letting you customize the news that you con- sume by topics. But many folks who have specialized interests still have to look through a lot of news sources to fid truly pertinent stories. If you’re doing that kind of research for yourself, you can start a blog that shares your fidings with others interested in the same topic. Are you an economist col- lecting stories about garbage production in North America? Or a marketing expert who keeps track of the latest guerilla marketing tactics in order to keep on your toes professionally? You can turn this research into a valuable blog for others who share your interest.

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