Connect Explore Review – Discount and Huge Bonuses

Connect Explore Review – Discount and Huge Bonuses
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3i. Points To Keep In Mind.
Three things I'm going to brush over in this section for future reference. Firstly, think about the connect explore review. If you're buying a re-sale product to sell on, how many copies are they selling, and what kind of rules do they have in place? Always ask this question. I don't want you going off and buying a resale package with full rights for eight hundred dollars, designing and putting up a website and sales system, then finding out that the product you're about to try and sell for two hundred dollars is being given away as a free bonus on hundreds of other sites, because the original seller didn't have a rule in place preventing this devaluing of the package. The second thing I'd like to talk to you about is quality. Look for quality in resale products. I can't count the number of times I've had seen random ads through e-zines, or landing in my inbox from people trying to flog a one hundred dollar product to me, only to find out that the date on the front cover of the report is 1996 or something stupid like that. Watch for this if you're looking to sell something on. You don't want to get your hands on an old shoddy product that you can't shift for that reason. Ok, that's all of the practical side of creating your own products, coming up with your own ideas, improving and innovating. I really enjoyed writing this one, and if all goes well, you'll have been inspired by it too. Especially take note of method one, learn it, keep an open mind, don't set yourself obstacles before you've even come up with the ideas themselves and the ideas will flow. In fact, I'm interested to know what 
you came up with using this report. E-mail me and let me know, even after you've launched and produced the product if you feel more comfortable. Trust me though; I've got enough to keep me busy for quite a few years yet already and using this method, you should gain this hefty advantage too. In the next report, we'll be looking at how to go a step further and evaluate your ideas. A simple checklist you can use to see whether they're ready to be launched, now, or in the future. I'll also show you the three main reasons why that concept and writing stuff down is so important, and how, back in my early days in marketing, I slipped up with this, and it cost me big.
4. Summary.
This is one of the most important sections, if you're going to succeed. We need to get your creative 
connect explore review flowing right now allowing you to pull together ideas that will turn into full scale, viable, sellable and profitable products.
Don't underestimate this, once you have this down, you'll find yourself with a never ending flow of ideas and products to develop far into the future; your only tools being your mind, and a blank piece of paper.
The number one reaction when I suggest someone starts his or her own business, is “but I don't have anything to sell” or “I don't know what to sell”. Lets set the wheel in motion and begin to solve this problem right now.
If you're thinking that you lack imagination, or that you don't have the ideas or the experience to create your own products, remember this, everyone that came before you, and everyone that will come after you will always create their first product with no experience what so ever. You can do this too and it'll make you more money than any flutter or big investment on leads or purchased ads or anything like that will.
Lets also look at the second important aspect of product creation. Taking old ideas or previously non viable ideas and turning them into something sellable, something solid, reliable and profitable, all from 
something that looked like a dead loss or impossible just a few months ago.
Two important points before we get started. One, this will get progressively easier as you go along. Two I'd like you to make a point of not worrying about how many ideas you come up with, or the quality of your ideas, or time limits, and any other constraints. We need to throw all this out of the window right now. Times and deadlines don't exist all there is, is you, your mind, and this report getting your full concentration.
The longer that you spend within your target market, and looking at other peoples products, the more ideas you'll be able to generate, because you'll have more knowledge of what people want. So don't worry about only coming up with a few relating to your target market. After each product launch, your ideas will grow to such high numbers you won't have enough time to carry each and everyone one of them out.
I'll be honest. I’ve been using this method for a long period of time now, maybe four or five years in total. Things happen all the time. For example, last night I was simply writing the plan for this report and looking at what I wanted to cover and I had to stop, because ideas kept coming to me over and over. In the time it took to plan a section, which took no longer than it takes to write a full three pages of text, I'd come out with no less than five individual new product ideas, some of which 
you'll see released when I'm done with the projects I'm working on right now. That's how powerful this is.
One piece of important advice. Keep everything. Write everything down, every idea, every glimpse of a new product or service that might work. If you haven't done so already, create an 'In Concept' folder, and within this every time you get an idea, whether it's viable, good, bad, strange, seemingly impossible or downright crazy, write it down. You'll see why this is imperative later in this section.
Lets get some ideas flowing right now by looking at the three main ways to create a product, looking first at improvement. Looking at the tools that you use that don't do their job adequately.
A relatively simple concept that doesn't take into account viability to physically create these products at any stage, and none of these idea pooling stages will, I still need you to write them down, because it's amazing what they can morph into later.
Creating products in this way is an automatic reaction for many people and they don't even realize it. In fact it occurs so often in our everyday lives, and is so obvious this is why I think people miss it.
Have you ever been using a product or service, and found yourself saying 'this would be so much easier if X product did Y action'. How 
about being in a situation and creating connect explore review , or carrying out some task and said to yourself, 'it would be so much easier if I had something that did this for me'?

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