Commission Drill Review – Dominate YouTube Ads with an A-to-Z Training

Commission Drill Review – Dominate YouTube Ads with an A-to-Z Training

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Yes,  “in  your  face”  selling  still  works  –  but  at  the  cost  of  your  credibility,  if

your skills aren’t quite at the level of Billy Mays or Anthony Sullivan. You’re

seen as the next best thing to a carnival hawker; and while these people do a

unique and mesmerizing job and that comment is not meant to judge them,

there’s a reason most of them end their days as carnival hawkers, still living on

a  shoestring;  and  not  living  next  door  to  another  celebrity  or  otherwise

enjoying their particular dream lifestyle. 

But there’s another, far simpler reason to avoid “hard sell” techniques, and it

has nothing to do with your customers: 

Most affiliate marketers just don’t have the “hard sell” personality. They don’t

enjoy  manipulating  and  pushing  people  into  buying.  They  actually  enjoy

finding commission drill review people rave about. And all of us love a good paycheck – one

that  allows  us  to  comfortably  live  the  lifestyle  we’ve  chosen,  taking  care  of

people we love. Writing reviews is a perfect way to:

• Recommend products you’ve tried that really work

• Show people how to solve a problem

• Make a connection, and enjoy a relationship with your readers

In fact, Affiliate Sniper Pro embodies this softer sell, service-based method of

selling – as well as helping you comfortably maintain your integrity and ethics.

Crystal’s Secret

Years  ago,  I  had  an  opportunity  to  watch  a  friend  at  work  in  a  “tack”

(equestrian supplies) store. This happened on a busy Saturday, and it was a

revelation to see how patiently and helpfully she matched customers and their

horses with the right commission drill review and bridles. By patient questioning and listening,

she focused on the areas of horsemanship each customer indulged in, taking

into  account  their  budget,  and  what  would  give  them  the  best  performance

and comfort for their needs. She repeated the same focused, patient procedure

for  Western  boots,  specialty  horse  feed,  hoof  products,  supplements,  riding

apparel, hoof picks and English safety-approved helmets, too. No product was

too “small potatoes”, if it would help her customer and his horse enjoy a better

equine experience.

It was clear that my normally-shy, horse-loving friend, Crystal, was having an

absolute blast – but there wasn’t a shred of ego in it. She was not “showing

off” her knowledge; all her commission drill review were 100% customer-focused.


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