Commission Bullseye Review – Boosting Your Traffic with Localized Ads

Commission Bullseye Review – Boosting Your Traffic with Localized Ads
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A common question I receive about printing your own Commission Bullseye Review  is how do you get
around the signature line on the check? Well, there’s a law that requires the bank
to process the check, for deposit only, as it is a check draft. In the signature line
you have it printed as “This check is authorized by your depositor. No Signature
Required”. Don’t ask the bank teller if they will deposit it, just go up to them, act
normal and process it.
Information you need, is exactly on the front of the checks, just as if they were to
physically mail the check to you.
Most people feel weird asking for the information, but what I always do is tell
them, “So how we process payment is check by phone, all I need is the
information on the front of the check as if you were to write one for a bill, do you
need a minute to grab your 
Commission Bullseye Review?”
If they ask you WHY you only process check by phone, tell them you’re tired of
merchant processing companies and all the problems with it. It also allows you to
keep competitive prices instead of making the customer pay for the fees incurred
with processing the payments. I usually ask them what the fees are with their
merchant account, get them realizing how much money they lose and it is not
longer something sketchy, it is something smart. It is good business and it builds
You can also say it is so you can avoid the liability that all these major companies
have when it comes to people stealing credit card information. Anyone can have a
shopping spree online with a credit card, but very rarely can someone do the
same when it comes to just the information on the front of a check.
For printing the checks, what I recommend is EZcheckprinting.
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Commission Bullseye Review
it does cost money. I believe I got mine for free somewhere but I guess that is
over with. I have some lucky streak of people asking me to become a beta tester
for certain pieces of software, and I do vaguely remember sending in suggestions.

It appears that it is $39 for the license. Your other cost would be both a printer
and checks that you can pick up at office max.
Summary: Do what makes you feel comfortable. I’m comfortable with processing
checks, but you may be comfortable sticking with PayPal for now. Just be aware
of the potential problems with any method you may choose for your business

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