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The Story This is a big deal. My letters are a lot like brand builders academy. That’s a pretty important psychological hot button that you want to use in a lot of your copy, if you can. Stories are super-engaging, even in sales copy. Think about when you’re listening to a speaker. They’ll talk about concepts, but you love it when they say, “Let me tell you a story about this.” Then it becomes even more engaging. Stories really sell, since ancient times and even today. I have two kids and they still want that bedtime story. That’s the way we disseminate and share information. But people tend to neglect their story. So you want to ask yourself, “What is my creation story? How did I come up with this thing?” People want to know that.
Length How long should a sales letter be? It needs to be long enough to make the 
brand builders academy. They’re not intentionally long. At least, the ones that are good aren’t.
I need to present my entire and full argument to them. So, that requires a full-on presentation and typically a lot of space. On that longer formula that I rattled off earlier, I probably missed one or two elements. There was no objection recovery there, so that’s another element that we do. That could even be a separate little piece that says, “By now you might have some questions.” Instead of just a single, long, flowing page, we’ve been experimenting with breaking it up into sections that people can click on and get more information. I’m not 100% that that’s been more effective, but aesthetically it looks a little bit better. That’s what I’ve done for the higher end stuff like the Maverick 1000. I’ll sacrifice viewer response for having a higher end look.
Editing I have a nine phase editing process, so it’s a significant edit. I write the full copy. Then I actually read it out loud and find all of the pieces that aren’t working right. Then I edit for copy transitions to make it flow together better. Then I edit for what I call a double readership path. That means that if I only skim through the document (if I only read the subheads, bolded and yellow-highlighted text), that I could get an idea for what the product or service is and make a sale that way.
Tips to Keep People Reading There are readership studies that say that after 500 words, the next drop-off is at 5,000 words. So, you’ve got a pretty good amount of room there.
Headlines are Key On the web, our reading habits are different. We’re definitely skimmers. All those 100 headlines I write don’t go to waste. Obviously, I will use the best one for my headline and the second best one for my subhead. Then I use a lot of them for subheads throughout the sales letter. I’ll use them for opening sentences sometimes. I’ll use them for my P.S.
Visual Elements We add more visual 
brand builders academy to the letter in order to keep the reader engaged.
One of my editing phases is graphical enhancement. That could be going through and bolding certain phrases or words. It could be putting highlighter on certain things. It would be adding images and copy doodles. Adding just a layer of visual enticement helps people to smoothly go through it. You want it to look like it’s not hard to get through, because you want to get people through those first five hundred words that we talked about.
VISUAL COPYWRITING Engaging graphics keep the visual elements interesting for people to look through. They’ll be like, “Yeah, I want to keep being engaged in this.” You can do a fair amount with visuals right now. It depends on what the product is, but certainly you’ll see a lot of screenshots or photos on our sales pages.
Captions One simple trick to add more readability to your photos is to add a little caption underneath. That’s the way we’ve always been taught to read.
Hire Graphic Design It’s worth spending some money on a graphical artist to help you with it. It doesn’t cost that much now. You can get somebody off of Elance or oDesk to really give a nice look and feel to your site. We have a graphic design team that we recommend off of But there are a lot of people that you can use for this.
Video Video plays a big part in the sales process today. It’s a whole new element. A lot of people have gone only to video. Some have gone to a hybrid of video and copy. I don’t know which way is better. I think you’ve got to test it for your market. I’ve seen different results work in different marketplaces.
Writing Copy for Video There’s actually not that much of a difference between video copy and conventional sales copy.

For Instant Sales Letters, I took the main elements of the copy and just turned it into a video script. That alone would be enough to get people excited and interested. We probably could have even made that [video] a little bit longer. We were cheap and doing it on budget. So, we probably would have done a few more minutes and then given them a call to action to order it. Where we left instead, it was just an introduction to get them excited to read through and see what the rest of it was.

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