Bonus Monkey Review – Adding Values to Your Offers with Bonuses and Professional Animations

Bonus Monkey Review – Adding Values to Your Offers with Bonuses and Professional Animations
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This is my second attempt at creating this product. First time around I got distracted and lost focus. The product was taking over, getting out of control and taking me places I'd never imagined. So I stopped and started again – from scratch.
Why? Because this product is not about me or what I want to explain... It's about YOU! And what you want to learn. Lesson number ONE....
Create Products Your Market are Already Asking For You have to create products that answer your market’s questions. And, sometimes, those questions will be silly things because your market doesn't understand the problem they have... so you have to give them what they want and SNEAK in a little of what they need.
“Find out what they want, sneak in a bit of what they need
and give them what you sold them.”
- Paul Myers
Example: Over the years I've met hundreds – maybe thousands of people – who come to learn self-defence against various forms of attacks. Men, women, teenage boys and girls all scared of violence. Unfortunately their looking for physical techniques – how to punch or kick harder and ninja skills to disable a gang of armed attackers that doesn’t exist. What they really need to know is their safety is largely due to their daily habits. They need to learn simple bonus monkey review
 like awareness of their surroundings, learning to spot and avoid trouble and how to talk yourself out of a fight before it becomes physical. Only then do you need to know how to strike and hit hard, hit first and to be furious.
As a martial artist I teach them the techniques they want to learn and sneak in the 'awareness and avoidance' training they really need. When you're creating products the first step is learning to listen to your market and creating products they need and they're looking for. Learn to listen and understand your market first... create the product second. Creating the product is easier (since you're simply answering real questions) and selling it is a synch because they’re already asking for what you’ve made them.
Making your own products is without doubt one of the quickest and easiest ways to start making money online. I can't think of any business easier to set up from home – a real kitchentable business – anyone can start no matter your age or level of experience. A lap top, an internet connection and somewhere comfortable to work from… if you don’t like your kitchen table, take the Marlon Sanders approach and go sit in Starbucks for a couple of hours everyday. When you’ve had your daily quota of coffee – it’s time to pack up for the day and go do something a little more fun. Living the internet lifestyle is about balance and doing the things you want to NOW and not in 6 months, a year or 5 years time. Your internet lifestyle and early retirement begins now – don’t put bonus monkey review off
Get Your Buy Buttons Up! Might sound obvious to you or I but a lot of people never figure out the number #1 way to living the internet lifestyle comes from SELLING something to somebody. Next time you hear someone say “I can't make money on the interweb” find out how many “Buy Now” buttons they have out there and how many people are clicking those buttons. I can guarantee the answer is “Not many” and… er… “None”. Your income is directly related to the number of “BUY NOW” buttons you've got out there and how many people click on those buttons. Get 'em up FAST!
Stop Trading Time for Dollars! The real big motivation for me – when 
bonus monkey review comes to creating – information products is you've stopped trading time for dollars, pounds, euros or whatever. Trading time for dollars caps your income.

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