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HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM BLOGGING (WITHOUT TRYING TO) I started Quick Sprout to give free advice and to share. I don’t care to make money from it. But, funny enough, the side effect is that I actually make quite a bit of bolt publisher review. The blog actually produces over a million dollars in income a year. Here’s how: I give away so much free content on my blog that big companies find me and pick me up. Without my blog, Intuit wouldn’t have known I existed. Instead, I have almost a half-amillion dollar contract with them. I have a well over six-figure contract with AirBnB because of my blog. A lot of my best customers come from my blog. Why Big Companies Hire Him Big companies that have money don’t actually care to do the work themselves. They’re reading a blog post, like: this guy seems smart, let’s hire him. This is because, if you have a billion bucks like Intuit does, it doesn’t make sense to try to learn and do it themselves. They have so much cash on hand and the time and resources it would take internally to learn is much more than just writing a check. THE ROLE OF BLOGS FOR BUSINESSES There’s nothing wrong with being a professional blogger. They’re probably making well into five figures every month – with practically no overhead. But at the end of the day, that’s probably still under a million bucks a year from the blog. NOTE: A blog’s overhead is just domain name costs, hosting, and a few other things. Worst case scenario, you’re looking at $1000 a month. Company’s Earn More Money than Blogs At KISSmetrics, we’re trying to become $100 million revenue a year business. Will we hit bolt publisher review? Who knows. But blogging alone isn’t enough. That’s because blogging is just trying to write some information that you can monetize off. To create a $100M company, you need to solve a huge problem. The Huge Problem that KISSmetrics Solves Companies have focused too much attention on increasing their traffic, when they should have focused on increasing their revenue. It’s nice when you log into Google Analytics and see those green arrows saying, “Traffic’s up 30%!” But does that mean your revenue’s up 30%? Chances are, it’s not. KISSmetrics offers a way to track the metrics that really matter: the ones that increase revenue. Big Problems Require Many Solvers You need a big team. KISSmetrics has probably 20 people from sales, marketing, and engineering. By the end of next year, we’ll be over 50. The reason we’re growing at a rapid pace is because there’s no way to make a 100 million dollar a year revenue company alone. Successful Blogs Increase Company Sales Build up your blog traffic. Once it gets large enough, create a drip system by offering them something for free. We offer a 30 day free trial of KISSmetrics – which gets people into our drip system. As part of that drip system, we’ll explain the whole KISSmetrics process and how it can help their business grow. They will go through your trial and your salespeople will call them and walk them through customer success managers. If they don’t have any issues, they try to close them on a bigger contract. If they do have issues, they forward them to customer success manager, which helps them to get more value out of the product and then the sales rep comes back in after that and tries to close them on a bigger deal. It’s a highly profitable way to market your product or company. Every Trial is Valuable A lot of the people who sign up for our offer won’t be relevant and they won’t become a customer. Only a small percentage of those – maybe five or ten out of a hundred – are potential customers. But you’re not only doing this to get customers. You’re also doing it to learn more about the market for your product by asking them for feedback More on the KISSmetrics Blog The KISSmetrics blog isn’t fine-tuned yet, but it gets 100,000’s of visitors every month. A blog isn’t cheap. Because we’re tracking so much data, we actually spend $20,000 a month on it. One Cool Tip for Your Drip System Everybody uses AWeber to try to collect emails. It’s nothing new. But when you collect emails, people have to fill in their name and email. On the KISSmetrics blog, we recently tested out a checkbox option. I believe it’s a month old or two months old and it’s integrated through Facebook. If you’re visiting our site and you’re logged into Facebook, it doesn’t show you a form to fill in your email. It shows your Facebook image, automatically fills in your name and email, and says, “Click here to subscribe.” It makes signing up so much easier because no one even has to type in their name and email. So this feature has actually doubled our email opt-in rate. How to Go from being a Blogger to Owning an Internet Company 1. Get and Audience It’s possible to create a successful software company without having a website. But you’ll have to spend as much money on marketing it as you would if you had a blog with a big audience. bolt publisher review, Quick Sprout, SEOmoz… we all had big audiences. 2. Survey Your Audience Find out what their problems are. Ask them, “What else are you looking for?” and they’ll tell you, “Hey if you did X, Y, and Z it would be really helpful.” Once you have a fine-tuned list of feedback, you can also ask them, “How much would you be willing to pay a consultant’s fee?” 3. Create a Product that Solves a Problem for Your Audience If it works, then you can slowly start transitioning from being a blog to a software company. But you don’t want to do it too quickly. First, fine-tune all your metrics – from your funnels to your drip system to your upsells, whatever it may be. You have to really get to understand your visitors first and make your whole solution a well-oiled machine.


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