AutoVid Profit Review – A plugin that turns any site into a cash machine

AutoVid Profit Review – A plugin that turns any site into a cash machine
Official site:

All your new buyers will be automatically subscribed to that list
and they will begin to receive all the previous 
autovid profit review in a drip
sequence fashion.
I also point out in the sales letter that each lesson comes with a
homework assignment. This is meant to make the training
They have a week to complete the assignment, plenty of time. So
now they are taking weekly victories and by the end they will have
completed their goal.
This really makes this model a winner. Because you aren’t
dumping 2 months worth of content on them all at once. It’s
Instead you are giving them bite-sized actionable steps with time
for them to do it in their own autovid profit review.
Now, as for the upsell, I offer as a monthly recurring investment
and they get two very important key things.
1. Unlimited email support with me.
This is powerful. It’s the closest thing to private coaching without
killing yourself in calls. Email you can take your time with.
Email allows you to respond in a proper manner at a time you can
get to it. I rarely get an email from my recurring customers.
But when I do, I’m quick to respond and they are happy just to
know you are there.
Also you’ll have a record of your conversation with them.

2. Access to my mastermind group.
Simple enough, create a group on social media.. FB, Google+ are
both easy places to host a private group. They get access to this
group which also allows them a different kind of access with you
and other members.
Those two offers combined gives them the comfort that someone
is there to help. $47 a month is what I charge.
You could charge $19.95/m or even less, but I encourage you to
keep it higher for two reasons. People who pay more tend to need
you less, they are willing to take action. You want to be paid fairly
for YOUR time.
At $197 + $47/m I’ll gladly give people my attention.
It’s not $1,997 like I know some people charge but the cool thing
is the price is ultimately determined by you.
It depends on what crowd you want to have around you.
Doesn’t it make since to invest your 
autovid profit review in people who are willing
to invest their money in you.
Someone who will happily pay you for the value you provide.
The folks who pay more respect you and your time.
So now I’m going to show you the sales page for the offer I
created for my own program.
Don’t exact copy it but feel free to use it as a base letter to work

The best way to learn is to do it.
So what about getting this thing up and running?
Ok, well I listed mine on
You could also choose but I just have a special place
in my heart for W+.
You can setup your listing in there. You’ll need to create two
“product” listings and an “offer” listing that links those two
“products” together.
They have videos and instructions on the site to show you how to
set this up. It’s not difficult or time consuming.
With WarriorPlus you have the option to receive payments via
PayPal or Stripe. Paypal is a favorite among most in the IM niche.
Outside of IM Paypal is still popular but you might like Stripe
better. I do. Either one works.
Stripe links directly to your bank account. Visit for
Now write your sales letter in a word doc. If you have a
WordPress site, it’s easy to use a plugin like WP Profit Builder to
make a nice sales page.

Or you can hand off your word doc to a guy on and
have them put it into an HTML page for you for $5.
Also, I do believe both Word & Pages (for Mac) both have an
Export to HTML function. It works just fine for a simple page like
mine. Upload the HTML file to your webhost.
Then just make sure your sales page link matches what you have
in your WarriorPlus listings. You can get your buy button code
from WarriorPlus, just paste that into your HTML page where you
want the buy button or hand it to your fiverr guy.
Also check in WarriorPlus that you have linked up your
autoresponder. (GetResponse or Aweber)
You can do that under your account settings in W+.
So now go into your autoresponder, go to “autoresponder
messages” and create two autoresponders for the list you will be
The first autoresponder is a “welcome email”. Just say hi and tell
them what to expect.
The next email should have the first lesson in it. It shouldn’t take
you long to write down or record a lesson.
What I did in my first lesson was basically show a mindmap
outline of what the course will entail and how it all links together.
Schedule the both emails to send out immediately upon purchase.
Now you have up to a week to create the next lesson and so on
and so forth. Easy peasy.

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