AutoSoci Review – One Step Closer to Skyrocketing Conversion Rates with Unlimited Buyers

AutoSoci Review – One Step Closer to Skyrocketing Conversion Rates with Unlimited Buyers

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That’s a great sign!I’m not trying to fool you – I know there aren’t a lot of people searching for“aqua cotton I love t-shirt for people who crochet”. However, this is just astart. As the post ages, it can rank for shorter phrases that will get moresearch activity such as “aqua crochet t-shirt” or even “crochet t-shirt”.On one of my gift sites a post a very long title ranks #2 in Google for a 3word search phrase that gets more traffic – as well as ranking for 15 other autosoci review. That’s why these short posts can work. They’re targeted, theybring in traffic for multiple variations of your post title words, and they verynicely display a great product match with an obvious call to action buttonAmazon.It just takes time. Your rankings will improve. You’ll rank first for verylong-tail phrases and start to move up in Google for shorter, relatedkeywords which means more traffic and more sales for each post.

You should use the Google Fetch process every time you publish a new post.Eventually, Google will crawl your site automatically within minutes of youpublishing a new post and then you can stop using Google Fetch.

It’s hard to tell with all the detail outlined in the instructions just exactly howthis works out to a one hour strategy but here’s the outline of what you’veaccomplished above:1. Chose a niche – 10 minutes2. Created a search-engine-optimized, free Blogger blog – 15 minutes3. Found a product for your niche on Amazon – 5 minutes4. Wrote 5 sentences about the product – 10 minutes5. Published a new post using your written content and linking to aproduct on Amazon – 5 minutes6. Got the post indexed in Google – 5 minutes

Total: 50 minutes (and that included creating the

blog and submitting your blog’s sitemap to Google

which you only have to do once!)

To continue growing your site you simply repeat the process for adding anew post to the Blogger blog you already created. You only need to build anew blog if you want to build one for a different autosoci review.

This strategy requires that you create a LOT of posts. Your income

will be in direct proportion to the number of posts you create.

Change Up the Post Title FormulaDon’t use the same post title formula every time. You don’t want to put theword “gift” or the phrase “gift for [your niche]” in every post title.Here are two additional post title formulas you should alternate into yourstrategy:


o This leaves out the word “gift” and the phrase “for [niche]”

o Example: Aqua Cotton “I Love Crochet” T-Shirt



o This uses a synonym for your niche so you target other termspeople use when searching for gifts in your niche

o Example: Aqua Cotton “I Love” T-Shirt for CrochetersSee how those examples changed from the original post example title “AquaCotton “I Love” T-Shirt for People who Crochet”?

Target More Expensive ProductsDifferent kinds of keywords and more expensive products require a differentapproach for your post content. I use the Ninja Reviews strategy tocreate detailed reviews when promoting more expensive products for highercommissions in my niche. That method is used to target “reviews”keywords. Doing review posts is one of the most consistent, highlyconverting post types in my arsenal. If done correctly, a single review postcan earn more than $10,000.

Improve the Visitor Experience and TrafficOnce you have lots of autosoci review you might look at using post Labels (a Blogspotfeature) to organize your posts into categories, customize a navigation menuto make it easier for visitors to find related posts by category, add a customheader image), and drive more traffic from social sites (Pinterest

Pinplosion can work for this kind of site, too, for example).Keep adding new posts and you’ll soon become a source of excellent giftideas for your niche and will rank for multiple phrases per post!


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