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What are the Best Assets/Business Models ?
1. Domains: This is our favorite autopixar review because it’s very fast rewarding business model. You can buy the domain and upload it to the marketplace at the same day. In ‘’Flipping Lab’’ we’re teaching everything you need to do to dominate this business model!
2. Building Ecommerce Stores And Sell them: This is one of our chosen business models. Here it’s not very fast rewarding, but very rewarding. Here we’re talking about minimum 3000% ROI. You can learn all about it in our ‘’Flipping Lab – Ecommerce Flipping Formula’’… Many people prefer this business model to make bigger
3. Building Affiliate Sites And Sell them: 1 Of the biggest niches out there is: Making money online… And in my opinion – ‘’AFFILIATE MARKETING’’ has the biggest piece of the pie there. Building affiliate sites with Fresh content can be time consuming and there are a lot of super affiliates who’re looking for this kind of assets every day! Here you’re coming in… Build these assets and sell them for high price!
4. Buying Friendly SEO Old Domains And Sell Them For autopixar reviewNot my favorite one, but this is a quite clean from competitors field, you can dominate! It’s less sexy for me to deal with. (And why should I?)
5. Build Sites For Local Business: Very good and safe business model. There are many local shops in many different niches that’ll look for best domain for them ---> they’ll not find it ---> but they can see it can be purchased in ‘’GODADDY’’ registration… and of course they have to have it… and they considered it in their business goals…

OK Guys! Now that you have the Basic knowledge to become a real domainer/Online Flipper, I hope you got the idea and you familiar with the various business models at this profitable industry. As I said already – because you have all the basic knowledge you need about this industry – choose your best (Fits to you) business model… You can dominate each one! If you have any question about all you learned until now – Please contact me at the support!!!!!
One of the good things in this industry is that it’s not crowded, and everyone has a place to dominate it. Think about it for a second… there are more than thousand industries (3700+ in the US – 2015,China – 4900+),
more than million business owners (27.6 + million businesses – 2012), too many startups, what about local shops, countries, Etc.… You got the point! There is no such thing as ‘’over crowded’’ in this industry… Not like in Affiliate Marketing, MMO, etc.… Here, you can make millions and be 0.001% of this industry…
The number of markets and niche markets are almost endless. In sports there’s football, baseball, hockey, bicycling, karate, bow hunting, and much more. In the travel section there’s road trips, boating, backpacking, ranch
vacations, etc. When looking for good domain names, it makes sense to search for domains in markets with lots of consumers. And that’s what we’re going to talk about here…. The good news are that by being creative and watching for new trends, it’s possible to pick up some really good names... And more good news: Many
potential domain name buyers are technical people themselves and are blinded by the same tunnel vision, which makes them excellent customers. Start by researching all kinds of NEW technological developments from
major software releases, telecom developments, cell phone developments, etc. Once you find a hot trend that hasn’t hit yet, look for domain names related to the 
autopixar review . When you’ll find great field – Look for buzz words or any other good industry word…. So let’s talk about some sources you can find these kinds of Industries:
- is the #1 authorized online retailer for magazines,
with subscriptions to thousands of top magazines. They’re offering
really great deals and discounts.
- When looking for good domain names, it makes sense to search for
domains in appeal markets with lots of consumers. I love using as a research tool, and browse through different
categories looking for huge markets.
- They’re investing so much money on these magazines in various big
markets… do you think they’ll spend so much money on markets that
will not work…? I don’t think so…


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