Autonars Review – Putting your webinar profits on autopilot

Autonars Review – Putting your webinar profits on autopilot

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Before we really dig into autonars review , I think it would be wise to just quickly cover some key points about your blog. Since the information in this book is really geared towards pinterest, I’m not going to go over the how-to’s of all this… Elite Blog Academy* and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing * would be my go -to’s for these things. It’s pretty crucial that they’re on your radar.

Assuming the goal of traffic is to earn you a profit, then these are things you should do PRIOR to starting your promotion on pinterest. (Partly because promotion will be easier, and partly because promotion will be pointless if no one is sticking around to read the post when they get there.) 1) You should have a great (and functional) blog design / theme (I’m using DIVI from elegant themes*, and it is downright amazing).

If someone lands on your site, and it looks like it was started in the 90’s by someone with NO technical ability, they are leaving. (You don’t gotta have the technical ability - it just needs to LOOK like you have it!) 2) You should have AT LEAST 25 great (and hopefully monetizable) posts written. (Not only are more posts better at keeping readers around, this pinterest strategy will be easier to implement with more pins available to you?.)

3) You should have pinterest worthy graphics created for EACH post. (Minimum of one, but two when possible.) More on what “pinterest worthy” graphics are to come. 4) You should have a good idea of how you will monetize your blog, and if you plan to use ads, you should place the ads (from google adsense to begin with) in each of your posts if possible.

I found out recently that I didn’t even HAVE ads running in some of my posts in July and August - when I was already receiving enough page views to make significant income from autonars review. Because I didn’t have ads set up properly before I started implementing the pinterest strategy, I lost income. 5) You MUST have google analytics installed (and running properly). This pinterest strategy uses google analytics, and it is imperative to your success.

?If you have google analytics installed already, YAY! If not, go do it now. I would also like you to read this blog post by a lovely lady who shares a sad story with me… 6) Each of your posts should have a title that is attention grabbing and tells the reader why they want to read it. People aren’t clicking through from pinterest to read about you.

They’re clicking through to read about something that will pertain to THEM. When I started, I had a post titled “10 things I still buy (even though they’re frivolous)” and NO one was pinning it. I changed it to “How to audit your spending, & why you should” and now it gets page views. Lesson learned. When these 6 things are done, you are ready to pinterest.

Your Pinterest Profile You can either use your personal pinterest account (and all the followers that already come with it) and turn it into a business account, or you can start a new pinterest business account. It’s up to you, but either way, you’re getting a business account?. (I personally didn’t want to share my blog with my family and friends when I started, so I made a new account and had ZERO followers when I pinned my first pin… and every single follower I gained felt like a total victory.)

I would strongly suggest starting a new account, because to do it “right” transitioning, you are going to waste A LOT of time. (If you feel you MUST convert your personal account, you can do that here: login to your pinterest first, then click the link.)

If you do convert from a personal account to a business account, you can make “secret” any boards that don’t fit in with your niche instead of deleting them, to avoid losing your pins. Secret boards don’t count against your pinterest profile “score”. Otherwise, you can sign up for a new business account here: (These aren’t affiliate links, by the way, I don’t think pinterest has an affiliate program.

I’m just trying to make it easy for you!) Once you have your autonars review created (and you verify your website - find the instructions on how to do this straight from pinterest herself here), there are some things you can do to make your pinterest profile “more gooder”. I wanna pause here and say that everything from here on out, just like with every pinterest course or book out there, is speculation based on my experience.

I believe that the reason my pinterest strategy works is because I have approached it as though I am smarter than an algorithm because I can think. No one (outside of the pinterest people) really knows definitively what the “new algorithm” is all about… but we know what an algorithm does, and so we should be able to figure out over time, what works best.

That said, if you don’t like something I suggest, or disagree with it based on your own experience, don’t do it! For example, there is a huge debate as to whether or not deleting pins with low / no repins is beneficial or not… and no one really seems to know the answer. You will hear straight from tailwind (a pinterest partner) that deleting pins with low re-pins has no affect on your profile standing. I’m not totally sold.

I tried it, my engagement went up, my page views went up… it could have been coincidence, but there are loads of people who have had a similar experience. ? I figure all of the suggestions are ?worth trying. So. With that said. Let’s get back to your profile. First, understand that pinterest is a search engine?. Think about the way that YOU use pinterest. I know when it’s close to dinner and I need a recipe, I no longer grab a cookbook I search pinterest.

The same way I’d have searched google, once upon a time. I’ve searched pinterest for everything from weird pregnancy symptoms to gardening tips. So from here on out, every time you type ANYTHING on pinterest, remember that pinterest is a search engine. Fill out your pinterest profile as though you might be something people would find if they did a search. Starting with your business name.

Don’t use your URL, it’s not clickable anyways, and unless you’re well known already people won’t be searching your URL. (Plus you’ve already verified your website, so your URL is visible AND clickable below your business name.) You can use the name of your blog if you want, and add keywords as well.

Pinterest recently rolled out an awesome new update on the amount of letters you can have in your name… meaning it can be FULL of great keywords that describe your most common topics.

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