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Quality First I find that a lot of people are trying to save money, so they ask, “Where’s the cheapest place I can outsource to?” That’s not the question you need to be asking. At the end of
the day, you need to be looking at who’s going to be giving you the best quality product. I’ve seen so many people make the mistake of trying to save money up front just to lose 50% of the sales they could have had in the auto emulate live review . They end up saving a couple of hundred dollars to lose thousands and thousands of dollars later on down the road. I’ve had success in using Elance. You won’t find the cheapest people on Elance. There are other forums and outsource areas that are cheaper. But I do find that you get better quality. But my biggest trick and tip for finding really good, motivated people to work for you is to go to coding forums where the coders hang out. A lot of coders code because they love it; it’s a pastime for them. Therefore, whereas a music enthusiast might be in a music forum, a coding enthusiast might be in a coding forum talking about the new changes to a coding language. So if you go directly into that forum and just spend a couple of days keeping an eye on the posts and the threads, you’ll start to see the thought leaders. There might be five or so on each forum. Approach those people directly and explain to them that you have a vision for something really exciting, a great project. You’ve noticed that they’ve stood out to you and you think that they could do a great job of helping them with this project. You’ve appealed to their ego and you have given them a money-making opportunity (a lot of these people code for free). After a very short space of time, you’ll probably find somebody that will be interested. For them, it becomes a very exciting project that they’re going to work on. You’re not just another number and so they’re going to probably do the best work that they can do for you.
It’s Not Automatic People have this mentality of, “Ok, let’s just outsource.” Outsourcing is great and of course you do need to do that, but people think that the word ‘outsource’ and ‘automated’ go hand in hand. The truth is that when you’re working with somebody to create your dream, you can’t expect somebody else to do a good 
auto emulate live review of realizing your vision for the product if you try to automate the entire process.
You can’t just send them one email and say, “Get back to me when it’s made.” You have to get your hands dirty and roll up your sleeves and get involved.
Getting Involved You don’t have to learn how to code. But you do have to be there with them every step of the way and make sure you give them feedback. A lot of people may not agree, but a coder is a person too. And they’re stuck there trying to make the product. So answer their questions immediately. Really work with them and keep them motivated. Make sure they understand your dream and your goal and your vision. Make sure they’re excited about it. You may think, “This is just a coder on Elance. He doesn’t need to know my grand vision.” But of course he does, because people save their best work for the stuff they’re really passionate about. You can help people be passionate by just working a little bit closer with them.
Feedback System You can’t just give a list of to-do to somebody and then expect to receive the finished product a month later. You have to get involved in that process, get down in the trench with them, and talk to them about why these changes should be made. Ask them to send you previews very, very regularly. I get previews weekly, as a minimum. A lot of times, I’m seeing stuff every single day and I’m giving feedback right down to the placement of a button. Although there’s a little bit more work involved in doing it that way compared to being hands-off, you end up with 
auto emulate live review that is that much better and that is therefore that much more profitable to you

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