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This is where you make your arbitrage underdog 5.0 review. It will be nice to start making money on a daily basis through Fiverr however; your lasting income will be through affiliate sales using your Buyers List.
Each buyer is worth anywhere from $1-$3 per month! This is why it is so valuable to create a good relationship with your customers. The more comfortable your customers are with you, the more often they will convert when you provide them with worthwhile affiliate products.
After providing them with good information over a certain period of time, theymwill be more comfortable when it comes to purchasing affiliate products that you will be promoting. These products will run $10 or more! Before you know it, you will have a list of 1k buyers who are willing to purchase $20 products with little to no hesitation!

That is a lot of solid SUSTAINABLE income and as you continue finding new ways
to provide quality products to potential buyers, your list will only grow from
Affiliate Product Sales
After you start selling your GIG on Fiverr, you will acquire loyal customers if you provide them a solid product.
Your goal here is to establish a lasting relationship. You will soon realize that most of your customer base will be repeat customers. That is exactly what you want because these repeat customers will become familiar with you.
This developed familiarity will lead to trust. If your customers trust you then they will be willing to purchase a product you promote aside from your 
arbitrage underdog 5.0 reviewNow this is where you start your money-making momentum! As you start gaining more customers and you start establishing 5 star ratings on your GIGs, more people will purchase and will repeat purchase. When that happens, you will funnel these buyers onto a list that you can tap into
for the foreseeable future. You will be promoting affiliate products to these buyers which will be stored within your buyers list.What we are REALLY interested in maintaining long term SUSTAINABLE income! The only real way to do this is through list building.

So the here is the funnel…
1) Sell a GIG
2) Funnel Customers to A Buyers List
3) Promote Affiliate Products
Now you know the plan. This system will make you a lot of money if you stay professional through the ENTIRE process. You might be wondering if there is a catch or some sort of trick to making your funnel successful… There is!!! Here is the secret… Put out a quality Fiverr GIG, provide GREAT customer service, DO NOT spam your Buyers List, and finally… DON’T GIVE UP! For your homework, go to and set up an account. Ensure that all the
information you enter is correct. Take your time and be thorough. Don’t worry about trying to figure out exactly how to set up and sell a GIG. I will cover that indepth in a separate module. Next, we will talk about how each part of the funnel will make you money and contribute to your overall monthly revenue.

Now that you know the overall plan, let’s talk a bit more in-depth about how my plan will make you money.
I am going to show you step-by-step how to implement my plan in the next several modules. For now we need to talk about the different steps of the plan in more depth.
Let’s start off by talking about the Fiverr GIG.
The Fiverr GIG
As you already know, houses hundreds of talented people with unique abilities that internet marketers and other businesses LOVE to use! A little secret… I use Fiverr for my product cover designs and I love it! You can get hundreds of different professional 
arbitrage underdog 5.0 review and services for a mere $5! If you develop the method that I am about to show you, you can establish yourself as a GIG provider easily and make solid and sustainable cash quickly!
Time is money and you are going to need to provide a highly desirable GIG that you can get out without much effort. Don’t get me wrong… you definitely need to put in some effort BUT you want to provide a GIG that you can replicate quickly for several different clients on a daily basis! You are an internet marketer so the service you are going to offer will be providing your buyers with a list of high ranking Keywords for SEO in a PDF. Every
online business is looking for highly trafficked keywords that will bring viewers to their main page.

You are going to provide your viewers 100 keywords targeted at a particular niche for $5!
I’m a huge fan of helping people… For me, the old saying, “What good is it if you gain the whole world but forfeit your soul...” strikes deep! If you take care of people… it will come around! I mentioned it in the previously, the biggest portion of your income will be those repeat customers. If you purchased my last product “PPC Kraze,” there was a section in the book where I covered Keyword Research using Google’s keyword planning tool in great detail step-by-step. you will be able to get fast results quickly and easily but the best part is that you will still be providing a good quality product to your customers!
Ok, now let’s talk about the competition between sellers within Fiverr… There are people who will be selling the same GIG. What you need to do is advertise your GIG better than your competition.
When I show you how to set up your GIG, I will show you some tips and tricks to set your GIG apart from the rest. For now, just keep in mind that you are going to want to advertise in a way that looks more professional than your competition. Either way, even if you are brand new to selling GIGs on Fiverr, keep in mind that you are going to be able to climb the ladder eventually. You will start off slow, so don’t worry if you aren’t selling 5 GIGs a day starting out. If you sell 2 GIGs a day then that’s still an extra $300 in your pocket without hard work… and this isn’t even where the money is at within the funnel! This is just the base layer and an “in” with your customers so you can start building relationships and growing your Buyers List!

Now let’s talk about the second part of your funnel… Creating a list of buyers for
affiliate product promotion!
Buyers List Building
Now this is where you really make your long term income. I know that we tend to care about the “here and now” so we start to lose motivation when we see sales come in slow or we see our Buyers List grow slower than we would like. This is where a positive mindset comes in. When I mentioned “Hard Work” and “Dedication,” this is exactly where it applies. You WILL be making sales on Fiverr and you WILL convert many of your customers into Buyer List subscribers! Statistically it WILL happen!
You just need to make sure you don’t stress about the rate at which your Buyers List grows… You just want to make sure that it grows.
Your Buyers List is your sustainable income. Think of it as your fan base. Once you really establish yourself as a good seller within Fiverr, you will notice that you will be selling more GIGs per day… As you sell your GIGs on Fiverr more often, the amount of customers being exposed to your Buyers List opt-in will increase as
The more your customers are exposed to and opt-in to a free high quality product you provide, the faster your Buyers List will grow. If you can grow your list at a rate of 30 buyers a month, you are increasing your monthly income another $30-$90 a month! Multiply that by a year and, on the low end, that’s a rough total of $360 of SUSTAINABLE income per month… and that’s the LOW END.
That’s not even including GIG and product sales. Before you know it, you will be making over 1k a month SUSTAINABLE income with only minutes of work per day!

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