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Music on hold (MoH) and hold messages have been around for a very, very long
time. So long in fact that it is almost a given that when a caller is put on hold they
expect to hear something other than arbitrage high roller review . In fact, if they are put on hold and
are presented with dead air they will almost always hang up because they are under
the impression that they were disconnected from the call.
While many businesses have MoH they might not be safe about it. Believe it or not,
most businesses use sources for music which is illegal. Here are a few of the illegal
sources for music on hold.
1. The radio.
2. Your personal 
arbitrage high roller review.
3. A legally purchased and downloaded mp3 file.
4. An illegally purchased and downloaded mp3 file.
The Radio
When you use the radio as your hold music you are faced with a number of
challenges. You are subjecting your customers to poor humor, bad reception, and
quite possibly your competitor’s radio commercials.
However, depending on your country’s laws you might be breaking the law. A radio
station has the license to broadcast their music legally, but when you rebroadcast
their music you are doing so without a license and are legally liable for any fines
that might result from it. These fines can be pretty hefty when you take into
consideration how long you have been doing it, how many lines you have, and how
many songs have been played over the radio.
Your personal CD collection
While it is true that you do own the CD once you have purchased it. However, you
do not own the music that is on that CD. That music is the property of the artist and
the record company. If you are broadcasting this music over your telephone lines
you can be legally liable for any fines that will come as a result.

MP3 files
Just like a CD, when you purchase an MP3 you own the digital file, but not the actual
song itself. That remains the property of the musician and the record company. Just
like the CD, if you are broadcasting this music over your telephone lines you can be
legally liable for any fines that will come as a result.
If you are using an illegal mp3 you are also subject to 
arbitrage high roller review.
How will they find out?
There are a number of organizations that have a vast army of people whose sole
job is to randomly call business with the sole purpose of being put on hold. If they
determine that you are not broadcasting legal material, they can ask you for your
broadcast license… and if you do not have one they will offer you the choice of
purchasing one or immediately stop broadcasting your MoH. If you do neither of
these they can and will legally fine you. These fines are determined on a number of
factors that usually consist of how many songs you broadcast, how many lines you
have to broadcast on, and how long you have been broadcasting. These fines can
go from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars… and more.
Who are these organizations?
In the United States there are 3 music industry organizations that you can go to
purchase the licensing rights to play MoH. These are ASCAP (The American Society
of Composers, Authors and Publishers), BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) and SESAC
originally named the Society of European Stage Authors & Composers.
In Canada we have The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of
Canada. SOCAN
It is really not worth the risk when you can have a custom hold message that will in
turn help you sell your products or services. In fact, instead of just playing music,
you can turn this hold time into a sales engine that will continue to sell your service
or product even while you do not. Your customers will benefit greatly from you
offering to enable their sales with a great custom sales hold message!

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