Affiliazon DFY VR Headset Edition Review – Should You Buy It?

Affiliazon DFY VR Headset Edition Review – Should You Buy It?
Official site:

Installing Newspaper, Viral Pro or Free Theme
Visit Appearance > Themes > Add New > Add New Theme > Upload Theme > Choose File
Find the template files on your computer via the file viewer and upload them to your site.
Go back to Appearance > Themes and activate the template.
You can now checkout your blog, bit basic right?
Now go to Appearance > Theme Options.
Customizing Theme
As this is a free course I won’t be delving into customizing your 
Affiliazon DFY VR Headset Edition Review  further. If you choose to
purchase one of the two themes above, the tutorials and documentation that comes with both
themes is superior, you’ll find a wealth of information on how to do pretty much anything within the
Some of the things I do like to do with all my new viral sites is:
Turn on prefetching – images on other pages’ load based on user interaction
Turn on Ajax infinite scroll – user can keep scrolling down without clicking next
Add a Facebook sharing plugin widget and linking to Facebook fan page from earlier
Add adsense to the theme (more on this in later chapter)
Add a captcha plugin to stop spammers and backlinkers leaving comments.

Plugins To Install
These are the following plugins I install on all my viral sites. They all play a part in making my
Affiliazon DFY VR Headset Edition Review the best they can be.
SEO – All In One SEO
Prior to 2016 I’d have recommended Yoast SEO but recent updates have ruined people’s websites
and rankings so I’d steer clear of them. I know use All In One SEO which is a free plugin. You can
checkout video tutorials online on how to make the most of this plugin.
Thirsty Affiliates
This plugin is great for cloaking affiliate links so your visitors won’t actually know they are actually
clicking on affiliate links. You can install the plugin and use the easy to use interface to add new links.
Adding say you could add the name as test. What happens now is your site displays a
cloaked link such as, which redirects, to automatically.
Shortcodes Ultimate
A neat plugin that provides shortcodes in the form of boxes, buttons, galleries, alerts etc. You can
create boxes to showcase important information and deals or dates. Will come in very handy once
you get your site up and running.
Ajax Plugin For Adsense
This is a fairly new plugin with less than 1000 installs but I recommend it and have used it on all my
previous sites. It allows you to create Adsense blocks which display automatically on 
Affiliazon DFY VR Headset Edition Review , in the
middle of blocks of text on posts and at the start and end of posts. The best feature is you can drip
feed ads and spin them.
There are many more plugins for speeding up your site and customizing the site however that is up
to the individual creating the site to choose what to install.

Finding Content
One of the best ways to find content is to stay up to date with trends, the news in general and what
other websites are posting. As mentioned earlier, try to stay original and related to your niche so
don’t swerve off track just to cover an article that is unrelated to the rest of your sites content.
There’s two ways I find viral content. The first is to browse a wide range of websites and resources
and when you come across something you like or appears to be popular – take this content and
restructure it into your own content.
Videos is one of the best sites for finding viral content. You’ll be able to search for videos
based on upload date – you’ll be surprised how many people upload videos of friends and family
with no intention of ever going viral. If you can find such videos and expose them, you’ll do rather
Youtube Trends is one of the best ways to discover new content. You can search for the most viewed
videos today, this week, this month or all time in a variety of categories.
Whats Trending – this is a website that will show you what videos are trending, they are another
blog so by the time you’ve seen it on their site, there’s a good chance it’s already gone viral.
However, there is exceptions to this and it’s a site I regularly checkout. – Probably one of the best websites to find hot new videos that you can use for
your sites. They embed Youtube videos on their site, you can right click on the Youtube videos and
copy the embed codes and paste them onto your own site – very easy. Site is updated daily. – A good resource that your probably familiar with. The best feature I use is visiting the
relevant cities and town boards to see what’s trending in other countries. Rather than picking local
content you’ll be mesmerized by what the rest of the world is up to you. – This site could be used in finding any type of viral content but I’ve put it into the
videos section as I use it when trying to locate video content. A simple site with a search box for
finding popular tweets based on the most popular hashtags related to your chosen keyword.

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