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Matt Cutts is a prominent spokesperson for Google and has recently said that too much guest posting is likely to get a website into trouble – just as buying adviser 2.0 review and submitting to directories fell out of favor a while back. The whole point of Google’s algorithm is to find out what is genuinely high quality and popular and thus the company doesn’t want you to try and game the system by posting links to certain places in high quantities. If you only have links on high quality blogs, then this will look suspicious. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use guest posting though, as this is really the only proactive means you have to get onto websites that have a high ‘PR’ (reputation in the eyes of Google). Instead then, switch focus from quantity here to quality. Try to find a few really big blogs and then focus all of your efforts on getting a link from them. If you get this right, then a single link can take you to the top of the search engines, it can trigger more likes and shares and it can bring you hundreds of thousands of visitors directly. If you can get a link on the website of a top blogger in your niche, then this can set you up for years to come and transform your profits over night. This is a growth hack known as ‘influencer marketing’ and it’s an incredibly powerful tool. The route to getting your links on these big sites though might involve starting out with smaller targets. Big sites are likely to ignore you at first, so use 
adviser 2.0 review that are just a little ahead of you to grow your own reputation one bit at a time until you’re ready to go after those few crucial links. Still though, guest post with purpose and don’t just accrue as many low quality links as possible. Top Tip: Don’t underestimate the importance of real world networking. If you can meet a big blogger in person then you’ll stand a far better chance of making a real impression that might lead to a link. On top of ‘regular’ SEO, using local SEO is incredibly important if you have
a local business. Local SEO essentially means taking your regular keywords and then adding your area to the end of them (‘buy hats Santa Monica’). At the same time, you need to ensure your business is listed with Google including the location. The great thing about local SEO is it doesn’t involve being a tiny fish in a massive pond (as with regular SEO). Instead, the only people you’ll be competing with will be the few other businesses in the area that are in your industry. This makes it much easier to get to the top of Google and means you aren’t competing with the likes of Amazon. Local SEO is even great for ‘non-local’ businesses. Facebook actually began life as a tool only available to Harvard Students. This meant that by the time it branched out, it had
already conquered that small demographic and had a strong start. You can do the same with your ecommerce business: start local and then branch
out more and more. Note: A lot of local traffic comes from 
adviser 2.0 review , so this makes it even more important to have a mobile friendly website with a responsive design. Forums are a fantastic source of traffic that are severely undervalued by many internet marketers. With the explosion of social media, forums have somewhat fallen out of favour but it’s a mistake to write them off as they still offer some powerful advantages. A forum is a message board attached to a website where users can discuss a mutual interest, normally the subject of the main site. Before social media and instant messaging, this was one of the main ways that people would discuss subjects online. While they are less common these days however, there are still certain subjects that lend themselves well to forums and the members on these boards tend to be highly committed. The great thing about a forum is that anyone can post links there and these actually ‘count’ as inbound links for Google (whereas links on social media are usually treated differently). And because forums have fallen out of vogue, you will likely find there is significantly less competition here for you to try and stand out against. Success on a forum is just as nuanced as on
any other corner of the web though, so let’s unravel how you can make this really work.


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