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What’s new in Fifa 16?

We are big fans of Fifa so we could talk for days about the new version but it is sometimes better to watch the official Fifa 16 trailer and some gameplay then to read a long article:

You can also see whats new in official EA sports page:

Will my system run Fifa 16?

99% it will. Fifa 16 will be realised for all major consoles and PC. That includes Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. For those using a PC, it depends on the hardware your running. But on low setting Fifa 16 isn’t very demanding game so even lower end computers should’t have any problems running it at normal settings at ~40-50 fps. You can check out minimum and recommended system requirement.

Is it still hard to save up enough coins for good players?free fifa coins

Yes, although Fifa is changing every year one thing stays the same: you have to spend days upon days of playing and trading to get average players, and for the really good one – you need to play pretty much non stop. Yes, you can buy fifa coins online now, and a lot of Youtubers do advertise their service, but paying for virtual curency that you will spend on virtual players is not everyone wants to spend money on. So we come to the help with our Fifa 16 free coins generator for Ultimate team game mode.

How can you earn and save more coins?

ultimate team web app tradingWe all know that you can earn coins in few ways: my playing games, by trading, by buying coins online or by using our free Fifa 16 coins generator. But lets talk about the second one, as it is the one that most people are interested in. First of all, remember that a lot of small profits make a big one. If your just starting out don’t throw away bronze or silver players, just list them and hope somebody buys them for the minimum bid. You don’t yet have enough coins to start trading better players, so don’t waste your trading space, fill it up with crappy players that somebody actually may like or need. Second of all don’t forget that almost everyone uses a manager. Don’t discard them, simply throw them into the auction and hope for the best. Some managers are quite popular and will get bought right away. Good way to make coins fast is to trade at night. During night the market is as empty as it gets, but players are still building their teams, so there is some demand for more popular players. Fill your trading room with the more rare players and big chances are you will sell them for a lot of money compared to sales during the day. One of the best ways to stay on top of is to use EA Ultimate Team Web App. This allow to trade even when you are not playing fifa. Check out and renew auctions while your in school or at job. This will increase your sales gratefully. Also try to buy players for flipping them latter before big games. For example if Man city is playing against PSG in Champions league quarter final, buy as many of those team players week before the match, then list them for above market value when the match starts or hour before. Demand after games shoots to the sky, especially of the wining team and the best players of the match. This can easily make you rich in just couple of weeks if you play it just right. But not everyone likes trading, cause it is very long process and takes hours upon hours. In that case we suggest using our free service which you can ream more about bellow.

Why should you use our free service?

Because it the easiest and fastest way to get Fifa 16 coins for free without any hassle and with no strings attached. We could talk for hours about our behind the scenes advantages in our scripts, code and constant updates, but thats not really interesting for our user, so here is some main points that make us awesome from a stand point of our end user – Fifa player:

  • You can get around 2 000 000 Ultimate team coins for free
  • No strings attached
  • We don’t ask for your personal info(password, email, name, etc.)
  • Totally safe
  • We deliver in under 24 hours, usually in around 15 minutes
  • We love Fifa 16

How do I use your tool?

We made our tool as simple to use for our end users as possible. There is no code and scripts showing on your screen, not like in other websites that complicate whole process very much by using various scripts and hacks including surveys. To use our Fifa 16 free coins generator you only need to fill out a short form with your username, system that you play the game on and the amount of coins you would like to get for free. There are two ways to doing that. You can either click the button bellow or press on the coins icon in the right sidebar which will open the form also.

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