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There are so many floristry tools and supplies to choose from; it can be overwhelming to know what you need. 

Well if you are feeling like this, then not to worry! We have created a list to help you that includes all the best tools and necessary supplies that will help to jump-start your career as a floral professional in no time!

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You’ll have a feeling once you get to know these tools that you can open your own flower shop, not someday, but today!


Floral designers need to use the right tool in order to deliver arrangements that are high quality, and using the wrong tool can be disastrous. The quality of these tools will determine the amount of the stem that is left on the flower, the number of thorns that are left on a rose, and how nice your final product will look.

This guide will assist you in going through the instruments that all floral professionals need for their career in floristry.
If there are more things on your list and you would like to have a chat please feel free to contact flower delivery richmond hill


Bunch Cutters

Blade Flower Stem Cutter

Pruning Shears

Floral Cage

Floral Pillow

Flower Frog 

Glue Gun


Ribbon Scissors

Thorn Stripper

Stemming Machine



Floral Cooler

Flower Food/Packets

Floral Tape Clear/Waterproof

Floral Adhesive


Pics With Wire

Card Holders/Cardettes

Water Tubes

Floral Foam (Oasis)


Vases / Baskets/ Containers

Transport Boxes

Corsage & Boutonniere Containers



Door/Care Tags


Cellophane/Tissue & Wrapping Paper


 Crowning Glory /Clear -Liquid armor that holds in moisture and helps preserve water loss. An absolute must-have. Please do not dilute.

 Quick Dip– For your flower stem ends only Quick Dip is an instant hydration liquid that clears the flower stems passageways allowing your blooms to hydrate faster. Please do not dilute.

 Flower Food Liquid/Power Clear -Gives your flower nutrients to fully open and increases hydration and quality of flowers. Must be diluted

Alum Powder -Alum is an ingredient used for pickling that you can find in your grocery spice aisle. This is a florist must-have for keeping your hydrangeas from wilting.  Once your hydrangea is re-cut dip directly into alum powder and arrange. Please do not dilute.

florist richmond

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