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  • Extinct Flowers in The World

Extinct Flowers in The World

Flowers are signs of beauty; the world is beautiful just because of some beautiful creation like flowers. The world is still so beautiful because of these nice petaled flowers. But some flowers have gone rare and no longer exist on the earth. We will never be able to find these flowers again and experience their beauty.

Having existed for 4.5 billion years, it's nothing unexpected that the Earth has experienced some significant changes throughout its life — especially with the existence of flowers. Because of the environmental changes, land movements, or human or creature obstruction, the below mentioned flowers have become extinct and are no longer found on earth.

Chocolate Cosmcos: Cosmos atrosanguineus, normally called chocolate Cosmos, is a kind of daisy that was local to Mexico. The chocolate Cosmos had a height between 40 to 60 cm and the flowers were dark red with a chocolate-like aroma. These flowers were amazing and had a great charm.

Lysimachia minoricensis: It was found in Spain. It lost its existence in the wild since long ago. Sometimes found in just a single area in the nation, it vanished from the wild between the year of 1926 and 1950. It survives in cultivation only and endeavors have been taken to reintroduce it to nature.

Silphium: If you have seen the flower, you may confuse it with the flower daisy. With its little, long, yellow petals, the Silphium resembles the cousin of yellow daisies. It is supposed to be that, the blossom has not been seen by people since it went terminated in the first Century B.C.

Hawaii Chaff Flower: If you ever travel to the shore lines of Hawaii in the 1950s or 60s, chances are you saw the wonderful Hawaii Chaff Flower. Disappointingly, having Hawaii turned into a mainstream tourist spot and the quantity of people living there expanded significantly, this bush like flower hurbs lost quite a bit of its property to houses, hotels, and gardens, making it go wiped out inside a matter of years.

Cry violet: The Cry violet or Cry pansy, experimentally named Viola cryana, was local at France that is currently terminated. This beautiful flower stopped spreading its smell in 1930 and got uprooted from cultivation in 1950.

Euphorbia: This flower plant belonged to India and became extinct long ago. The flower had an attractive look and it is very disappointing that the flower can no longer be seen by us. This is a flower that had a great appeal.

Kadupul flower: Rareness and magnificence are the primary things that make Kadupul bloom so unique. This wonderful bloom principally found in the backwoods of Sri Lanka. Just a couple of individuals have opportunity to feel the excellence of Kadupul blossom. Since it sprout just at midnight and die before the first light.

Campion: Campion or Silene Tomentosa must be found in the British region called Gibraltar. It's a powerless fragrant, evening sprouting flower with a short life expectancy. Curiously, in 1992, the botanical of Gibraltar authoritatively proclaimed that there are no Campion flowers left and ended up wiped out.

It is very sad that these flowers are no longer on earth and we cannot discover the beauty of these flowers. Most of these flowers have turned rare or extinct because of the human intervention with nature and how ignorant we are towards nature. We should wake up now and take care of nature and look to take care of the beautiful flowers that exist now. Let us make the world beautiful for the future generations.

It is our duty to at-least preserve those flowers that are on the verge of becoming extinct. Its necessary to understand the importance of this aspect before its too late.

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