Now it's available to buy Floss Halva and Palace Halva from Turkey!

Turkish sweets have gained a special place in every sweet tooth’s heart. It is not just the sweetness that triumphs, but also the complexity and delicacy. They are beyond ordinary sweets! Turkish sweets come in so many different variants. And one is unlike the other. That is where Floss Halva and Palace Halva come into play. Judging by the looks, you probably think these are just ordinary candies you can find at a nearby supermarket. But think again! There is more to it than what your eyes can see. After reading this article you will not be able to fight the craving for this Turkish sweet. When this happens, fret not! Now it’s
available to buy Floss Halva and Palace Halva from Turkey!

What are Floss Halva and Palace Halva?

Floss Halva and Palace Halva are variants of Pişmaniye, an ancient Turkish sweet. Its look is similar to cotton candy, but you will notice the huge difference from the very first bite. Pişmaniye dates back to the 15th century. The funny thing is, “Pişman” loosely translated to “regret”. This refers to how sweet and indulging this Turkish sweet is. The sweetest sin, if you will.

Depending on the manufacturers, floss halva and palace halva can come in different shapes of packaging. Some are available in quarter bags and some bundled into smaller and denser pieces. If you plan to buy them online, we recommend the latter, as it takes less space but contain the same amount (if not more) of sweet awesomeness!

How were Floss Halva and Palace Halva made?

The idea is similar to cotton candy: stretching sugar into strings. However, the making of Pişmaniye requires more skills compared to cotton candy that is mostly made by spinning machines. Pişmaniye is authentically handmade. At least three people, six hands, are required to make this Turkish sweet.

On a big hot tray, a large amount of butter is used to roast flour until brownish. Then, big bags of sugar are poured into the flour-butter mix. Once the sugar is melted, everything is mixed together. This mix is then pulled in three different directions by hands and then folded back to the middle of the tray, over and over again in rhythmic motions. This process continues until the mix becomes a bulk of thin strands. The final touch is to divide them into smaller amounts for packaging.

This is an authentic Pişmaniye. As its popularity grows, many sellers offer their style of Pişmaniye. Some contain added ingredients such as nuts, and some with artificial flavoring. Some even no longer made by hands. These are still Pişmaniye even though the quality is not the same compared to the authentic handmade Pişmaniye.

Turkish Pişmaniye vs Regular Cotton Candy

That process alone should tell you how different Pişmaniye is compared to cotton candy. The texture and taste are completely different. While cotton candy just melts right away in your mouth in a split second, Pişmaniye melts slowly while exploding tons of flavors. Modern Pişmaniye comes in so many flavors, added through the sugar melting process. The most common flavors are nutty and fruity. However, if this is going to be your first taste of Pişmaniye, we recommend buying the authentic plain one.

Now it's available to buy Floss Halva and Palace Halva from Turkey!

Floss Halva and Palace Halva is now available to buy online! This way, you don’t have to worry about where you can go back to Turkey to treat yourself with the world-renowned sweet delicacies. Good quality Pişmaniye is made of grade-A ingredients without any additives. So every bag of Pişmaniye will last long naturally. No matter where you are, the ordered Floss Havla and Palace Halva will arrive safe and sound all the way from Turkey.


Turkey and its sweets simply never disappoint. As ancient as Pişmaniye is, Turkey manages to maintain its authenticity and originality of taste. Everyone in the world should have a taste of Floss Halva and Palace Halva at least once in their life. As a Turkish saying goes, “Yiyen bir pişman, yemeyen bin pişman”. "Try it once, regret it once. Don’t try it, regret it a thousand times”!

Even if your plane ticket to Turkey is still out of sight, you can have a taste of the country’s popular sweets, including Pişmaniye. Order this delicacy now and it will be delivered right in front of your door.


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