What Information Should You Include in Your Staff Information Governance Toolkit Training Material?

The NHS Information Governance standards state that you must provide IG training to all staff, and that all employee's understanding of this training should really be measured at routine intervals to ensure compliance with the Information Governance policies and procedures is honored at all times.

One of many easiest ways to ensure all staff are supplied with regular IG training is to incorporate it within the corporate Induction training programme and to you can add it into the annual staff training plan. Then you're able to use questionnaires and appraisals to monitor compliance and understanding of the Information Governance requirements in-year.

Just what exactly kind of information in case you include within your IG training material?

- A definition of Information Governance 

- A definition of Information 

- A definition of what handling information actually means (Holding it securely, obtaining it fairly, recording it accurately, utilizing it effectively and ethically, and sharing it appropriately) 

- A signposting to the core elements of information governance when it comes to legislation and supporting guidelines 

- A conclusion of the IG toolkit assessment and its functionality 

- Perhaps an exhibition of the IG toolkit assessment 

- A discussion as to who is accountable for IG 

- A conclusion of the end result of the Caldicott report 

- Provision of the Caldicott confidentiality guidelines 

- Discussion as to how a confidential service may be provided 

- A conclusion in regards to what Freedom of Information is, how it impacts on the organisation, and how Freedom of Information requests should really be managed 

- An outline of the important thing points of the Records Management NHS Code of Practice 

- A go through the records lifecycle 

- A glance at what makes a good quality records library 

- Discussion as to how to help keep information secure PCI DSS toolkit. Perhaps the use of scenarios would work well here

Remember, everyone is significantly diffent and so all of us learn differently. Make certain that working out material you pull together is likely to be attractive to as wide an audience as possible and so it is likely to be accessible through lots of different learning types; kinetic, sound, sight etc. Think about how you may make working out interactive to handle this requirement.

Like you could provide computers and get everyone to have a go at taking the NHS Online Training Tool programme within your internal training, you could use scenarios and split people into groups to guide group learning, and you could provide written information sheets to help those who learn better when things are written down facing them.


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