Whale Watching – The biggest Show on earth

Imagine a lazy summer’s afternoon on a boat in a gentle running sea. A good air flow delicately massage therapy your face where you sit, and you set out to close your eyes and wander away 關鍵字… the sound of the boat’s engine begins to diminish and finally stops. The boat, as you, is drifting over the ocean and following the air flow. It’s very peaceful and calm and following a stressful week you feel in harmony with the world.

Then something explodes… out of the water… and only a few feet from your nose! A 30-ton humpback… the length of a large house... it breaches… and in another second is gone. And you’re left in disbelief and wonder.

And it’s just the start of your whale watching!

While whales are spread all over the world there’s only a handful of accessible locations to view them in their surrounding. The coast waters of New The united kingdom and the western side shoreline of The united states are prime locations for whale watching. Hawaii and South Photography equipment are also superb locations to spot whales, as are the sea waters around New Zealand.

So if a vacation or trip takes you to any of these areas make sure you book a cruise and take in the largest show on earth.

Here’s some pointers to make sure you have an enjoyable whale watch.


In the summer months whale watching is popular and so book early – many tours suggest 7 days to avoid disappointment.

Whale watching cruise ships can last anywhere from 3 hours to 41/2 hours. If whales are just playing hard to find, then the captain will make sure you stay out as long as they can to get a sighting.

While most boats include a place to buy refreshments they don’t usually mind you taking your own pack lunch or snacks. Because it's really a long ride until they find the whales and then back to port take a novel or your walkman and listen to your favorite music, or even whale song CD. If you’ve got young children take something to keep them entertained as well.


Before you book on a whale watching cruise scan through the cruise company. Check out their web site, you’ll usually find information about the fleet’s experience and staff.

Today most whale watch boats have sophisticated equipment and communications that help the captain find the whales. But if a company has been organizing whale watch trips for many years it’s an indication they’re doing something right and a safe bet for you.

My most rewarding trips have been when a naturalist or whale expert has been on board to provide information and narrate the tour.


Because of the very capricious nature of the whales, they’ll be rare occasions when you just don’t see any. So make sure you book on a cruise that provides security sighting or you get to cruise again for free.

Offering security is another good sign of a confident and experienced whale watch company. But remember if they spot one whale and you weren’t watching or someplace else on the boat when they did – tough!


Whale watching on the open sea means if you experience motion sickness at all then take something about an hour before you board the cruise.

Experienced whale watch cruise captains do not go out in rough seas, but it’s not a have cruise and the whale feeding grounds are usually miles from land. The open sea can be a little choppy even in the summer months.


Recommended things to bring about your whale watch are a camera and plenty of film or memory cards (if you’re digital). If you’ve got binoculars take them as whales sometimes surface metres from the boat, and having binoculars will give you spectacular views and close ups others without them just won’t get.

Wear athletic shoes or something rubber-soled for good grip on a wet and elusive deck. And take sunscreen, sunglasses, and if it’s got a tie band – a hat.

Because of the air flow and open water there’s usually a 15-degree difference from land out in the sea. So take a sweatshirt or windbreaker just in caseHealth Fitness Articles, and for a late afternoon trip. Also the boats should go out in the rain and if you’ve got a poncho take it.

The whales are waiting for you. These exciting animals have traveled thousands of miles so you can view them playing and feeding. It’s really the biggest show on earth. So just take the experience -- they don’t stay for long.


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