Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Photographer Or Videographer

As you interview photographers and videographers for the wedding, you are likely to need to know several things before you make a hiring decision. Be absolutely certain to ask these top 5 questions, before generally making a determination to hire your wedding's Videographer or photographer.

1. Who will actually be taking the photos or shooting have a peek here the video?

If the individual you're addressing won't be the one who is going to be taking the pictures or shooting the video, ask to see the one who will be. For photographers, be sure to ask if they will have an assistant. For videographers, ask how many people they will have on their crew.

For both, ask if the labor cost for the excess people is contained in the package or if it's an additional cost on the surface of the package price.

2. Ask if the sample photos were taken by the photographer who is going to be handling your wedding.

Make sure you aren't taking a look at a collection from the entire studio's work. You will need to see the task of the one who is going to be doing the task for you. Don't buy buy into the statement that all their photographers are equal. That's just no so. Personality, talent and creativity have a lot to do with the final product.

3. What's the fee structure?

Make sure to understand the hourly fees and the costs for the prints, albums and any tapes or DVDS. Be sure to know what's and is not included with the many package deals.

4. What will cost extra?

This question will serve to verify what's contained in the various packages they offer. Extra costs may include things such as additional tapes or extra prints. Overtime costs in the event that you ask the photographer or Videographer would be considered and extra. Obtain hourly rate and obtain it in writing.

5. What sort of equipment does the professional use?

Ask exactly how many cameras the photographer will use and what the format will be. Ask about how lighting is going to be handled and for video, the way the microphones is going to be employed. You need to know exactly how cumbersome things will feel with each photographer and Videographer you interview.


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