The Best Mind Mapping Software

Using Mind Mapping softwares has become more and more popular as their added value to business processes, brainstorming, project planning, and creative writing has become more widely recognized. And indeed, with the increasing popularity your time and effort and thought which adopts the design and development of Mind Mapping tools and applications increases as well.

As a great Mind Mapping software costs several hundreds dollars for the average person user, it's important that you choose the very best one for you. In this informative article I'll review 2 mind mapping software recommended programs which I'm sure will suit your every need and give you an excellent user experience.

The initial Mind Map system I wish to review is iMindMap by Tony Buzan. If you're at all into mind mapping, you might have heard of him as he is among the leading experts in the field if not the leading one. He has authored a large number of books and the iMindMap is a technological application of his philosophy. iMindMap is pretty easy to use, and allows you a wide variety of flexibility in creating your personal Mind Maps and integration them with other computer applications. It supports multiple languages and provides a clean and friendly user interface.

The 2nd Mind Mapping software I wish to examine could be the NovaMind program. That is in fact 3 programs as this system comes in 3 versions, which will be nice since it allows you to choose the right tool for the needs. NovaMind is versatile and extremely user friendly and intuitive for the user. It also offers specific modules for screenwriters and project managers. Finished I like about it most is the exquisite beauty of its mind maps and presentations. The very first time I saw one of these simple mind maps I was left speechless. This software can also be multilingual.

Each of these softwares works on Windows and Mac, and provide a great deal of added value for the user. I believe that they'll generate a good return on investment for you regardless of business that you're in.


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