Pros and Cons: Machine Embroidery Vs Hand Embroidery

If you should be in the embroidery business, this could be a tough decision. Can you outsource your work for hand embroidery or can you hire a machine embroidery company to do the job?

Let us just look at the pros and cons of both options.

Pros of Hand Embroidery

1) Hand embroidery can create a unique look and beautiful pieces embroidered patches houston which are truly individual.

2) Each individual adds his/her personal touches to the piece, creating a signature piece.

Cons of Hand Embroidery

1) Hand embroidery does take time and money. On a typical, its takes a lot more than two hours to produce a two-inch square bit of embroidery. The more intricate the piece, the absolute most time it will take. As time is money, upsurge in processing time pushes up the expense both tangibly and intangibly for the business.

2) Personal error and contamination is also possible at hand embroidery. As an example, an embroidery technician may fail to follow the set pattern and create mistakes ultimately piece. As the person is embroidering, the piece may also become dirty and this will delay delivery and raise the price of the piece.

Pros of Machine Embroidery

1) Machine embroidery is possible through a programmable embroidery digitizer. All you've got to do is give your design to a digitizing company. They will upload the pattern in a structure that may be read by an embroidery machine. The organization also ensures that each design does work to the original.

2) Machine embroidery is quick and efficient. Most embroidery companies have stock pieces like T-shirts, caps, socks, etc. ready for embroidery. All you've got to do is purchase the right number of stock material and the business can create the necessary merchandise for you in a cost effective and timely manner.

3) Turnaround time is faster. As embroidery digitizing is done through a computer, the process takes significantly less than ten minutes to complete. As an individual, you've to approve the style and the embroidery process will start immediately.

4) Human errors like design mistakes, ripped materials, dirt, etc. are typical minimized or completely absent.

5) As machine embroidery is fast, the merchandise is ready in less than two days depending on the embroidery pattern selected.

Cons of Machine Embroidery

Therefore, you will find no cons for machine embroidery. Most digital embroidery companies have staff and back-up machines that'll cope with almost any emergency or rush order.

As you will see, machine embroidery is an inexpensive and practical option to have quick results, while retaining good quality of the designs. For large orders, it just is practical to have in touch with an embroidery digitization company like expressdigitising.com. With your team of highly skilled digitizers, we guarantee the greatest quality final results for all your projects. We offer the absolute most competitive flat rate pricing, and 5-24 hour change times. Get in touch with us for the embroidery requirement.


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