Mind Map Software - The Secret to Creativity?

Which means you need to get creative? I suppose by that you mean that you might want to produce an idea or even a couple of ideas to solve a specific problem. Well it's fortunate that you have the world's most effective creative mechanism for the generation of ideas - your brain. What you have between your ears could be the potential to generate some of the very most brilliant and innovative ideas ever known. The problem is no one has ever shown us how to utilize our brain to generate ideas on demand (though it does it all the time naturally) and what I wish to explain in this short article is how Mindomo's website Mind Map Software fits in to the mix.

To begin with an instant lesson on how mental performance organizes ideas - it will so through a process of association and you can find two mechanisms - association by chains and association by hooks. A chain association is one where a single idea prompts another idea which in turn triggers another idea which then stimulates an additional idea and so on- a chain that could theoretically go on forever. For example if you believe of fish you may think of sea which might prompt beach which might trigger the idea of sand. That is a typical example of a chain of associations.

Association by hooks differs in a starting word is still used, but each word generated relates to that initial word. This is distinctive from the chain of associations because the very first word and the next word might don't have any obvious connection to each other except by the word in between. So for example beginning with the term soccer some hooks related compared to that word might include players, ball, referee, goal, fans, world cup, and stadium and so on. Each word created links back to the starting point.

So why is this important and how can it relate solely to Mind Map Software?

Given that you understand how mental performance organizes its ideas it shouldn't be too hard to see that the structure of a Mind Map is an aesthetic organization of a set of related ideas through a variety of hooks (each main branch on a Mind Map is an example of a land in terms of the central theme) and chains (a main branch that has a sub-branch that even offers its own sub-branch is a chain). This perfect mapping of ideas in some recoverable format as a reflection of how they are organized in the brain is one of many major causes why Mind Mapping is this type of powerful process and how it can benefit stimulate the generation of a great deal of ideas.

If you use Mind Map Software you're not merely tapping into your brain's natural thought organization and idea generation processing, but you are also utilizing an automated tool that will help you generate and capture the ideas in ways that may stimulate and enhance your creativity.

Here is how you use Mind Map Software to stimulate your creativity.

To start with you need to begin with a focused definition of the issue or situation you're seeking to generate ideas for.

Then you definitely open the application and select its speed Mind Mapping Mode.

Start generating ideas by typing them in in your keyboard - type the theory, hit your enter key, type the theory, hit your enter key. Everytime you do this a fresh branch will form.

Try this for 10 minutes (set a timer if you have to).

By the end of the 10 minute period, take a short break and then come back to the Mind Map and start organizing the ideas by gathering related ideas onto the same main branch.

As you try this, new ideas will one thinks of triggered by a string flow or numerous hooks - add those to your head map while they come up.

Repeat steps 3-6 for as long as you need to generate enough ideas for you to work with.

By following the procedure using Mind Map Software that I've outlined above you'll quickly be able to generate and capture countless ideas. An integral point to notice when you are doing that is DO NOT EDIT the ideas because they arrive - doing this will stifle the creativity - you are able to edit them later. The main element to creativity is the amount and not the caliber of the ideas that you generate only at that stage.


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