Holy Spirit Mother - the Divine Feminine

The thought of usually the one God in three aspects is within three major world religions. The Hindus trinity is Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. These stand for the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer Three spirit. They are also referred to as the being, the immanence, and the Word or Holy Spirit. Every one of the trinity has their own female consort. Brahma's consort is Saraswati - the Goddess of knowledge. For Vishnu it is Lakshmi - the Goddess of love, beauty, and delight. For Shiva is Kali (Parvati) - the goddess of power, destruction, and transformation. Each one is worshiped in their very own right as well as their male spouses.

Lao Tse is known as the first philosopher of the Taoist religion. His book the Te-Tao Ching was written in the 6th century BC. The Tao's Trinity is made up of the Three Supreme Gods, or the Three Pure Ones. The members of the Taoist Trinity are as follows: Tien-pao, Heavenly Jewel, Ling-pao, Mystic Jewel, and Shen-pao, Spiritual Jewel. They're also known as Celestial worthy of primordial beginning, Celestial worth numinous treasure, and Celestial worthy of the Tao and its power.

The Tao is "the way in which," the way of heaven and earth. From the Te-Tao Ching: "The main one becomes the two. The two becomes the three. The three becomes the 10,000 issues that support the yin and uphold the yang."

In Christianity we've the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These aspects represent God in His three forms. For centuries we have lived in a Patriarchy. The church fathers chose to get rid of any worship of the divine feminine. There is also made the idea of the Christ Consciousness only available to one person, Jesus. Jesus is our Elder brother. He came showing us the way in which to become candidate for the Cosmic Christ Spirit to enter and dwell within us. This was His reward for living many lifetimes with Spirit paramount in His life. Why did He say "You can do greater works than I." if the potential wasn't there?

The Christ is not just a person but a "position" or "office" we ALL attain to. This needless to say includes all women. The fantastic Mother sustains and nurtures us all. This facet of the Trinity is a logical conclusion to how things work. The Christian Trinity becomes, Father, Son or Daughter and Holy Spirit Mother. I want to understand this really simple, logical, right down to earth manner. You've a Father, referred to as the will of God. You've a Son or Daughter, referred to as the love of God. Then there is the Holy Spirit or Holy Breath. This aspect represents the understanding, thought, wisdom, and truth of God.

OK, you have the Father, you have the Son or Daughter, what are you missing? Mother. Holy Spirit Mother. Shop around, this is the way we do things in these here parts!

Mother, the divine feminine. The truth whispered to us within our hearts and minds. The idea that produces our lives. The breath that provides us life. The physical bodies that end up being the vehicles of life on earth.

poem WOMAN

by Merry C. Battles

"Woman, you are the opening into this world from the mysterious light beyond.

You transport the soul from its Spirit home to its creation.

You're the handiwork of God Goddess and Her Miracles.

Her divine light gives you breath.

His mighty power gives you the gift of life.

His dreams for you're of perfection.

As Mary's pure thought and deed helped to create the Christ child.

That power is within woman, to be there when life bursts forth,

When creation brings into this life another soul

on its journey to an ideal life.

We begin as Spirit and Soul.

We're given choices of love and perfection

or hate and damnation.

Which one to select?

Which to choose?"

Hiding the fact of the feminine facets of divinity has gotten our world on the brink of disaster. Would a Mother devoted to her children want war, murder, and killing as a means of life? We're fed up with war. This is not how our kids should be raised, to die for a small number of greedy people who desire more power and more money. This just has to STOP!

The 1,000 years of peace promised will become when the divine feminine has taken Her equal place with the divine masculine. The Age of Aquarius brings in the ideas of "Ye are my friends."(John 15:4) I have already been saying for years, "Where are the women speaking? Why aren't they standing up and saying what's close to their hearts?" Well, you know what? I are becoming some of those women I have been pointing to.

If women don't start speaking up, we are getting down the tubes.


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