Content Marketing: Are You Being Left Behind?

Content Marketing is such as the phenomenon of hearing about something for the very first time, and then hearing about this many times in the times and weeks that follow. However, that's only awareness, and possibly some arrogance. Even as we learn about something new, we think and feel we're smart or hip. It could be something Content Marketing Services such as for instance a TV show or movie, or even a new buzz word in your industry, or even a person. That feeling you receive from learning something new is exciting and powerful. If you can actually sell something to that particular willing audience by educating (and not boring), that's content marketing. So, why is everybody referring to it?

Well, everyone wants to feel smart and the smart people are referring to content marketing. Let's have a step back. What's content marketing? Short strokes, you produce specific content geared to marketing you, your services, or products, and then market that content, either throughout your own distribution channels or social channels. Now, that doesn't sound so mysterious does it?

However, it's the power connected with Content Marketing that can't be ignored. Content marketing is more than a brand new buzzword. That's why Marketing managers, CEO's, CFO's are all referring to it, because when done well, it works.

Focus And Purpose Are Key

Content Marketing goes south if it is implemented without focus and purpose. The initial mistake novices make is focusing the reason on better search engine rankings. That's nice when it happens, but nothing you are able to count on. Good Content Marketing gets the proper audience interested in everything you have to say because you are answering the questions they have. It works because the audience your Content Marketing finds are your natural customers.

Your content may be about specific products or services, or broader topics that try to achieve a larger audience. Here is where your content team is important - you will need to make an innovative article, not a sales pitch. What we are finding to be the utmost effective way to make this sort of content is named Leadership Casting.

Leadership Casting takes a thought leader (most usually the CEO), who has their finger on the pulse of an industry, and may be counted on to create about educated and trailblazing ideas. Next, almost all their brilliance informs a powerful informative article that's posted to numerous platforms based on the business including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg and other social and alternative distribution platforms. This calls for a heavy technical formula that's to be resolved in the backdrop to produce Content Marketing as potent as possible. A fruitful campaign needs to be scheduled on a repeating basis together hit wonders are, well, one hit wonders.

K.I.S.S. and K.I.S.S. Again

It's simple:

Understand customer issues

Create compelling articles that also help answer questions (think newspaper, not user manual)

Keep it fun and interesting

Get those articles out to all or any possible distribution mediums beginning with social media

Repeat, repeat, repeat...

For this reason Leadership Casting is powerful Content Marketing. Our business is Digital Strategy, and Leadership Casting is certainly one of our products. If you believe about this, you only read what develop was an academic and interesting article about Content Marketing, and because of that, you got this far and enjoyed it, i.e. you are a willing recipient, and a potential customer. That means we delivered our product for your requirements in ways that you enjoyed. We didn't dupe you, we educated you. We don't expect you to get but we do expect you try. We would like you to be interested in what we have to say, and possibly, come back for more. Content Marketing is all about building relationships between you and your potential customers.

Consider how this would work for your business. Consider how many potential customers are out there today looking forward to your brilliant articles to help them better understand your products and services. Consider who will do this for you...

Finally, don't ever sell your products or services inside content marketing articles. Leave that for a large call to action by the end and let that the selling for you.


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