School to Work
Aims to strengthen transnational cooperation between stakeholders in the Baltic Sea Region in the field of education and work in order to prevent early school leaving and develop support for vulnerable groups of students/youth.

Baltic Training Programme 
Supports the internationalization of vocational education and training as well as entrepreneurship and the internationalization of business. www.baltictrainingprogramme.se

Baltic University Programme
Largest university network in BSR focused on sustainable regional development through cooperation in education, research and applied projects www.balticuniv.uu.se

Baltic Sea Labor Forum
Aims to promote social dialogue, tripartite structures and cooperation as crucial elements of sustainable growth and social development in the BSR www.bslabour.eu 

Baltic Science Network
Aims to provide science and research ministries of the Baltic Sea region states with an overall coordination framework to develop and implement science policy in a macro-regional dimension and to ensure a better representation of macro-regional interests on the EU level http://www.baltic-science.org/

Support from the EU

PA Education is supported by Interreg-Baltic

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BARI Instruction scholarship funders.pdfMember 1886717165.91Kb2nd Jan 2020
BARI Description for students.pdfMember 1886717380.08Kb2nd Jan 2020
Report 2 Workshop on health equity.pdfMember 1886717192.44Kb27th Nov 2019
2 Health equity.pdfMember 18867173.39Mb27th Nov 2019
LEN Nordfriesland.pdfMember 1886717862.67Kb27th Nov 2019
Powerhouse in Varde.pdfMember 1886717554.53Kb27th Nov 2019
Service Co-Creation.pdfMember 1886717766.02Kb27th Nov 2019
Arctic Game Lab.pdfMember 1886717600.75Kb17th Nov 2019
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Euroregion Baltic Johanna Rönn.pdfMember 18867172.31Mb17th Nov 2019
Anna-Lena W Wessman ESF .pdfMember 18867171.16Mb17th Nov 2019
AndersBergström20191104.pdfMember 18867171.12Mb17th Nov 2019
Participants, Hässleholm.docxMember 18867171.4Mb17th Nov 2019
EUSBSR Autumn Meeting PROGRAMME.pdfMember 188671780.77Kb15th Nov 2019
WS7-1-2.jpegMember 188671727.83Kb14th Nov 2019
WS7-1.jpegMember 188671727.83Kb14th Nov 2019
32 bunt.punkt.pdfMember 1886717657.22Kb14th Nov 2019
27 Innovative and needs ....pdfMember 18867172.37Mb14th Nov 2019
25 Measuring non formal ....pdfMember 18867171.41Mb14th Nov 2019
21 Refugees Forum_Aqtivus.pdfMember 1886717698.88Kb14th Nov 2019
17 Training entrepreneurial ....pdfMember 1886717561.21Kb14th Nov 2019
16 Sfx - how to capture the skills.pdfMember 1886717878.83Kb14th Nov 2019
12 Actions to get immigrants ....pdfMember 18867176.76Mb14th Nov 2019
11 Micado.pdfMember 188671718.68Mb14th Nov 2019
10 Fast tracks.pdfMember 18867174.27Mb13th Nov 2019
9 Landgewinn.pdfMember 1886717848.26Kb13th Nov 2019
7 Hamburg as a safe haven ....pdfMember 1886717379.86Kb13th Nov 2019
Program.pdfMember 1886717241.89Kb22nd Oct 2019
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Registration_Invitation Update August_2019.pdfMember 1886717277.19Kb9th Sep 2019
Participation Day 2019.pdfMember 18867175.11Mb26th Jun 2019
Project proposals.pdfMember 1886717200.53Kb25th Jun 2019
PA_EDU_BSLF_Competence_Supply_PD2019.pdfMember 1886717515.8Kb25th Jun 2019
PA_HEA_PA_HAZ_AMR_pharmaceuticals_PD2019.pdfMember 1886717615.91Kb25th Jun 2019
PD2019_Tomasz_Szymczak.pdfMember 1886717939.36Kb25th Jun 2019
PD2019_introduction_Anders_Bergström.pdfMember 1886717822.13Kb25th Jun 2019
EUSBSR_ESTLAT projects.pdfMember 1886717364.77Kb25th Jun 2019
Sailing infrastructure.pdfMember 1886717288.86Kb25th Jun 2019
Hiking route.pdfMember 1886717811.3Kb25th Jun 2019
Cross boarder coop SMEs.pdfMember 1886717190.28Kb25th Jun 2019
Project proposals.pdfMember 1886717159Kb25th Jun 2019
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Study visit 20180619.pdfMember 1886717271.55Kb21st May 2018
ConferenceProgram20180618.pdfMember 1886717472.65Kb21st May 2018
BSR Integrate NEETs_ Steering group meeting.pdfMember 188671725.99Mb4th May 2018
EUSBSR_AF_PARTICIPATION_DAY_2018_PROGRAMME.pdfMember 1886717318.1Kb15th Apr 2018
EUSBSR_AF_PARTICIPATION_DAY_2018_INVITATION.pdfMember 1886717284.5Kb15th Apr 2018
IMG_20180302_154742.jpgMember 1886717922.31Kb15th Mar 2018
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BSLF_Stakeholder_Seminar_Vilnius_2018.03.02.pdfMember 1886717906.36Kb14th Mar 2018
S2W_Stakeholder_Seminar_Vilnius_2018.03.02.pdfMember 18867171.31Mb14th Mar 2018
BSN prezentacija ilga.pdfMember 18867171.57Mb14th Mar 2018
EUSBSR_PA_EDU_stakeholder_seminar_Vilnius_2018.03.02.pdfMember 18867171.23Mb14th Mar 2018
PA Education 02 march 2018.pdfMember 18867172.85Mb14th Mar 2018
20180319Tallinn.pdfMember 1886717276.76Kb5th Mar 2018
EUSBSR_PA_EDU_Stakeholder_Seminar_Poland_2018.03.28_programme.pdfMember 1886717157.14Kb19th Feb 2018
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PA_Education_logo.jpgMember 1886717133.03Kb25th Jan 2018
PAEDUCATION_logotype_cmyk.pngMember 188671723.71Kb25th Jan 2018
20180131Program.pdfMember 1886717304.57Kb25th Jan 2018
20180319Tallinn.pdfMember 1886717107.45Kb23rd Jan 2018
20180315Riga.pdfMember 1886717112.65Kb23rd Jan 2018
20180302Vilnius.pdfMember 1886717107.21Kb23rd Jan 2018
Program 20180212.pdfMember 188671796.49Kb12th Jan 2018
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Program 19 June.pdfMember 1886717388.34Kb11th Jun 2017
BSLFProgram.pdfMember 1886717278.48Kb11th Jun 2017
EUSBSRParticipationDayProgramme2.pdfMember 1886717336.43Kb11th Jun 2017
EUSBSRParticipationDayInv.pdfMember 1886717312.35Kb11th Jun 2017
EUSBSRParticipationDayProgramme2.docxMember 18867171.92Mb11th Jun 2017
EUSBSRParticipationDayInv.pdfMember 1886717312.35Kb9th May 2017
EUSBSRParticipationDayInv.pdfMember 1886717332.84Kb9th May 2017
EUSBSRParticipationDay2017.05.08.pdfMember 1886717332.84Kb9th May 2017
Anbudsförfrågan_BSR_INTEGRATE_NEETs_final.pdfMember 1886717323.97Kb5th May 2017
NinoSimicPorträtt.jpgMember 188671723.25Kb24th Apr 2017
NinoSimicPorträtt.jpgMember 188671719.55Kb24th Apr 2017
NinoSimicPorträtt.jpgMember 188671718.8Kb24th Apr 2017
PA Education Action Plan 2017-03-20.pdfMember 1886717230.91Kb19th Apr 2017
Berlin.jpgMember 1886717180.95Kb17th Apr 2017
ParticipationDayProg.pdfMember 1886717238.94Kb16th Apr 2017
ParticipationDayInv.pdfMember 1886717290.11Kb16th Apr 2017
EUSBSR_Participation_Day_2017_Berlin_programme.pdfMember 1886717238.94Kb16th Apr 2017
EUSBSR_Participation_Day_2017_Berlin_invitation.pdfMember 1886717290.11Kb16th Apr 2017
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EUSBSR_4th_Stakeholder_Conference_Vienna_2016.10.05.pdfMember 1886717445.4Kb13th Dec 2016
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BLP gdansk 30 nov.jpgMember 1886717353.21Kb4th Dec 2016
Sticker_JPG_07.10.2016.pngMember 1886717224.76Kb20th Oct 2016
MediaRelease22.08.2016.pdfMember 1886717341.75Kb19th Sep 2016
Resolution - 25th BSPC.PDFMember 1886717179.01Kb18th Sep 2016
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PA_Education_Action_Plan_2015.06.06_.pdfMember 1886717452.51Kb10th May 2016
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Solveg Schmidt.JPGMember 18867171Mb23rd Mar 2016
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EUSBSR_News_September2015.pdfMember 18867173.13Mb13th Oct 2015
PA_Education_logo.jpgMember 1886717133.03Kb15th Jun 2015
Beginners Guide to EU Funding.pdfMember 1886717779.62Kb15th May 2015
SWEDEN_Employment_Agency_06.05.pptxMember 1886717541.94Kb8th May 2015
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PA_Education_funding_guide_2015.pdfMember 1886717723.54Kb30th Mar 2015
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PA Education_Newsletter 1.pdfMember 18867171.33Mb22nd Sep 2014
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1866.JPGMember 18867171.98Mb12th Aug 2014
Proposal for a specific support structure for transnational cooperation in the ESF in the Baltic Sea Region.docMember 1886717472Kb12th Aug 2014
Common themes BSR.docMember 1886717184Kb12th Aug 2014
A Social Baltic.docMember 1886717205.5Kb12th Aug 2014
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100.JPGMember 188671791.39Kb30th May 2014
bild anders.pngMember 1886717324.76Kb31st Mar 2014
Balticlab 2.0 background.pdfMember 1886717198.36Kb18th Mar 2014
Agenda_5th Working Meeting_10032014.pdfMember 1886717115.45Kb18th Mar 2014
Status Report.pptMember 1886717975Kb18th Mar 2014
Status Report.pptMember 1886717975Kb18th Mar 2014
PA_Education_targets_and_indicators_2013.12.09.docMember 188671738Kb18th Mar 2014
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Regional meetings to promote EUSBSR

The Baltic Sea Strategy aims at reaching more stakeholders.

Regional meetings will attract stakeholders from several sectors and levels of governance to learn more about what the Baltic Sea Strategy can offer in the form of a framework for effective cooperation.
Two regional meetings have already taken place, in Umeå and in Hässleholm.

More information about the event in Hässleholm can be found here.


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