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There are different types of research papers. It is essential to know about each type as each type needs a different type of preparation. When writing a research paper, you should know the type of research paper you are working on. As different types of research papers have different purposes and different structure.

It is mandatory for a one who is working on a research paper for the first time should know all the types before writing a paper. As a student, you have a few knowledge of research papers, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn new things. It would be great if you take help from any paper writer. He can help you in clearing your doubts and concepts.

If you want to become a good writer, then you have to work hard and focus on your goals. Keep learning and make your future bright. Few of the most common types of a research paper are given below:

·         Analytical Paper

In this paper, you pose a question, then gather data from multiple sources to analyze their different point of view. You take the help from other researcher’s papers what other researchers have done, their findings and conclusion and then make a personal conclusion. It is crucial to show your neutral behavior in this research paper, don’t show your negative or positive viewpoints on any matter.

·         Definition Paper

In the definition paper, the author does not give his personal opinion to supports the arguments. This type of paper can be written to provide information, so you don’t need to analyze the data. Collect the information from multiple sources and leave them unanalyzed.

·         Compare and Contrast Paper

This type of research paper can be used to evaluate the difference between two points of views, stories, subjects or authors. Make sure to describe it’s both sides in the research paper satisfactorily. Compare both views and, then support anyone.

·         Argumentative Research Paper 

The argumentative research paper highlights two sides of a controversial issue. Include and cite the findings of other researchers on both sides and then attract the reader toward yourself with your answer. Your arguments should be supported with evidence included facts and figures.

·         Experimental Research Paper

The experimental research paper defines a specific experiment that can be discussed in detail. This type of paper is common in fields such as chemistry, physics and biology. Experiments are done to explain a particular outcome. You have to include all the supporting data for your experiments and, then evaluate it sufficiently.

·         Survey Research Paper

This is another technique to gather data from different people and, then present it in your paper. You have to ask a question from different ages of the group. You can also distribute a questionnaire to get the information.


Before you start writing, you should know which type of paper you are working on. No matter which type of paper you are writing just set your mind and prepare yourself for writing. If you think you can write a paper without another’s opinion, then don’t hesitate to get help from the community.

Many websites are providing paper writing service who can help you in writing your paper. Some of them are free, and some are paid. So, it depends on you which one you prefer. 

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