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Red Dead Redemption – Grand Theft House

Posted by Edward Moshly, Tuesday, 29th March 2016 @ 2:48pm

  • I have decided to write about this game because it is one of my favorites. The story of the game happens at the beginning of the XX century, when the government sticks its nose everywhere, in all business, while in the south a Mexican revolution takes place - get more info.

    As a player, you will be playing John Marston, a robber with cold blood, but with a good heart. He used to be a member of a robber gang, but he stopped robbing banks and people, but the authorities force him to go after his former comrades, along with the promise that when he finishes his task, he will be able to live a peaceful life along with his wife and kids, that at the time being were in the care of the authorities.

    As I said above, John accepted to kill his comrades, for the simple reason that he wanted to keep his family safe and to live peaceful along with them. But since he hasn’t used a gun for quite a while, he misses his first mission with a former comrade. With wounds, but no so serious, it is carried by a good farmer. John wants to thank her so he decided to help her with the farm, so we have the chance to have more activities in the game starting from being a cowboy to making trades, hunting and many other things specific to farmers. Even though he was busy with helping the good farmer, he was still thinking about his mission, so John start to roam all the Wild West – you can check every corner, you can go wherever you want, that’s the beauty of the game. It’s pretty much like GTA - gain free access.

    You will see farms, cities, canyons, deserts and so on. You will see also animals like bison, wild boars, cougars, grizzly bears, fox with chickens in their mouth chased by dogs, cougars killing people and so on. The game transposes very well the reality that in some moments you will remain stunned. All is very realistic, even the sounds.

    You will learn a lot playing this game - discover simple tips. You will learn how to be a cowboy, how to chop wood, how to ride a horse, how to use a gun in a perfect way, to catch wild horses and to tame them. You will also run after robbers and when you catch them you will have to take them to the sheriff and receive a good amount of money. One thing that I really liked was the fact that riding a horse seem pretty realistic.  The missions are pretty various:  horse racing, diversion of trains, playing poker, throwing horseshoes and so on.

    In big lines, this is one game that I would recommend even though it still has some bugs, but there are not so disturbing.

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