The importance of improved marketing features in Shopping Cart Software

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If you start an e-commerce business, one of your top priorities should be to make people actually know about it on all the main platforms which has audience who you can target with your products later on. Luckily complex online ecommerce shopping cart software such as Shopping Cart Elite do contain several features you can use for your marketing. Let’s see how you can improve your marketing with these features and what these features are exactly targeting.

The marketing feature of Shopping Cart Elite’s ecommerce shopping cart software can be thanked to our highly successful collaboration with TEA, who is now ensuring a total marketing and SEO coverage for all our clients.

Email Marketing Features: Customer tracking system with targeted newsletters:

Customer-tracking analytics is also a way of reporting. This feature can pull reports of all those who visited your website, can tell you what they were looking for and can also dissect visitors from actual customers. These analytics can help you reach out and get more customers by sending out targeted newsletters to both your customers and to your potential customers, based on their previous shopping (or window shopping) preferences. These reports should be an organic part of your daily business as well as dealing with advertisements, pay per click and SEO.

Great Cross-sell and upsell features:

Cross-sell and upsell are two synonymous words which basically mean that your website has the ability to suggest other products to buy, which can complement the product your customer has chosen. This can be shown in different ways:  for instance on Amazon there is an “others purchased these with this product” like other websites would just enlists products to complement the chosen products or a similar products category. Each one of these has quite a persuasive effect to customers. Upselling is a great merchant’s trick because once someone is in the state of shopping, they are much more likely to choose other products too. Especially if there is any sort of discount involved (buy this product too and get 10% off from your total) Therefore a good retail or b2b shopping cart software should include this feature.

Direct integration with Google Shopping

If you have some expertise in e-commerce or had the chance to read about it and its keys to success, then you may already know that in order for your product to come up among the first results, you ought to have it displayed on Google’s Shopping site. This does help with your recognition and also helps users find your products all the faster. Just check out our quick guide on Shopping Cart Elite as to how you can easily connect your website with Google Shopping. This way, your listings won’t need to be uploaded, they will be automatically shown in Google Shopping.

Pay per click: Automated Bid Management

Bid management in Google’s AdWords which is today’s Nr. 1 pay-per-click site, is a really an art. You need years of experience to manage these as their price goes up and down, depending on the number of clicks on one of your ads which appear for the chosen keywords in Google’s search results. Luckily now, Shopping Cart Elite’s integration with the highly intelligent TEA software can even find out about most of the click frauds ( when bots are set up to forcibly click on a competitor’s ad in order to make the bids higher and lose its budget all the faster). AdWords however can give its users great clues on the best keywords to use and can also provide with certain analytics too. In addition to Google’s own analytics, our analytics at Shopping Cart Elite use our own method to prepare 100% accurate visitor, engagement and conversion reports for you, based on the heat map we are able to pull of every single page of your website. We also do your AdWords bid adjustment according to the measured conversion rate and shopping behaviors, so that it brings you the biggest number of visitors who are ready to shop. If you want to learn more about AdWords and our PPC methodology please take part in one of our webinars to which you can subscribe through our website.

CRM – Customer Relation Management

If you want the absolute best shopping cart software to filter, group and categorize all your visitors: ranging from bouncers to customers who actually want to shop from your site. Thanks to today’s updated technology, there is a way to find out about all these visitors. You can then also check for their behavior (what products they are looking for, what they have bought previously and make targeted ads for all of them). However CRM is so much more than that. Let’s see what else Shopping Cart Elite’s system can help your business with:

  • Automated data handling: this means you only need to set everything once and all data would be run automatically from then on. Of course you can make changes and updates anytime. In addition the interface is easy to use and Shopping Cart Elite provides you with additional training on using it

  • The making of touchpoints and analytics: the CRM segment of our software has the ability to filter all the visitors, from cold to hot according to the visitor’s probability of future shopping. It can make all the above mentioned client listings for you. This can help you learn more about potential, new or older clients and send targeted newsletters, promotions, discounts for any group.

  • Manage billing and contracts: this is one of the most important services of CRM. Contract can also specify a customer’s status and therefore it can also set different rates.

  • Manage email communications and phone communications because it’s essential for you to see all client related communication. This way you know who the client is, if they are customer already or not, or if you have any special agreements or contracts. You can filter contacts by name, contact name, company name etc. In addition now; thanks to Shopping Cart Elite’s improved technology, you can put multiple client contacts under one company.

  • Integrated document management this contains all customer related information according to customer name and company name to make work all the easier for you and your employees.

  • Manage rewards, B2B discounts, credits connect these to customers, shopping amounts or to any other predefined attribute. We offer great customized b2b solutions for Rakuten sellers.

  • Managing contacts choose the categories according to which you want your contacts to be presented and the system would automatically do the categorization for you accordingly.

  • Managing quote requests and subscriptions this is a key information in terms of new and existing clients who need different handling, targeted newsletters and further marketing campaigns.

  • Create your own customized landing pages for both your website and in email newsletters

  • Customer portal: knowledgebase or Q&A section so that visitors can easily find an answer or submit their questions for you.

  • Customer portal: document sharing options: a secure location used for document sharing between business and customers. This can also include marketing materials, training documents, invoices and policy documents.

  • Analytics and forecasting reports:  the specialty of ShoppingCartElite software is, that it’s very quick and will pull all required data almost instantly. In addition to measuring visitors, ROI (Return of Investment) you can also run all your financial reports and even open support cases, if there is an ongoing issue that needs technical resolution.

  • Automated Sales tools: our shopping cart software can also automate all sales related transaction for you. Tools include the following: assignment and workflow data, sales related reports and performance analytics.

  • Case/incident management: joint support portals enable users to view the incidents they have raised and to follow up on them or see what their resolution was Support related functions include the creation, escalation/closure and assignment of each case.

SEO tools

Search Engine Optimization has a key role in letting a website to be found the easiest way. This can be thanked to several factors. Thanks to Shopping Cart Elite’s great SEO software your website gets an instant help right from the start.

  • Content management: with our revolutionary content creator now you can create your own original keyword oriented content without too much of a hassle. This system is called WYSIWYG and we are using our own perfected one at Shopping Cart Elite

  • Sitemap automation we can submit your sitemap to Google as soon as your website is ready. This is an important process, equaling to a formal introduction to the search engine and you can only win thanks to this small courtesy. In addition you can map up to 50000 different pages ( URLs)

  • Editing redirects: are you switching your website to Shopping Cart Elite’s design? Worry not because we will set your former website to perfectly show visitors the way to your new website.

  • Ranking monitor: do you want to see how well your site ranks for each keyword? Now you can freely do so thanks to our ranking monitor. This can also run pre-scheduled reports in a previously chosen time frame too.

There is a 14 day free trial for you to see how our online shopping cart software this works and to learn more about the Shopping Cart Elite software.



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