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e-Learning in all varieties has been around us since the internet emerged. The beginnings in programmed instruction and computer-based training has expanded to encompass distributed learning environments and communities of practice. Employment opportunities in these categories are plentiful and continuously developing. Technology-enhanced learrning related jobs will represent an important and growing number of jobs over the coming years and the European Training Systems have to adapt and to anticipate actual and future opportunities in these fields. 

To face up this new reality, the e-Virtue project identified competences and skills for Virtual Learning professions. These were investigated for their potential application towards teaching/training professions, not only limited to full-time learning technologists. The identified Role Profiles were mapped to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European e-Competences Framework (e-CF). Furthermore, e-Virtue developed Training Guidelines - including a catalogue of learning outcomes, mapped to ECVET, and description of a labelisation process - for developing/setting up further vocational training measures and recognition tools in VL jobs. As a result, comparable skills sets for VL professions were generated, which will boost the employability of professionals, reduce the mismatches between labour demand and supply and enhance the mobility of workers, while contributing to one of the major challenges of Europe 2020, which is to drive down the unemployment rate among the young people.  

e-Learning News

The World of Learnig - Birmingham

The "World of Learning" is a unique event where training rganisations, practitioners and companies meet to exchange ideas and pave the way to modern learning environments. eVirtue will be part of it! In a session slot, we will present our e-Learning job profiles and the guidelines on how to align curricual to the market needs.

Check out our session on the e-Learning profiles!

Where? Birmingham, UK

When? 29/30 September 2015

More info about the event: https://www.learnevents.com/

More info about our eVirtue session: contact us!
on 5th October 2015
The Future of e-Learning Jobs - Workshop, Wroclaw 17 September 2015

During 2 years, a team of 7 partners from 5 EU countries (Poland, Germany, UK, Greece, France) worked on identifying skills and competences necessary to take advantage of digital technolgoies for learning. The results are 5 consolidated profiles of job descriptions that will help to adjust curricula to market needs, and training guidelines. These were presented at this international workshop, followed by discussions with the audience and experts.


Running the e-Virtue project – cooperation, research, problems and challenges
Maciej Czarnecki PhD., Wrocław University of Economics

E-learning role profiles as the results of the rese arch conducted in e-Virtue project
Ed Mahood PhD., DEKRA Akademie GmbH, Germany

Training Guidelines in the context of findings in e-Virtue project
Adamantia Spanaka PhD, Hellenic Open University, Greece

Evaluation of the results of the e-Virtue
Prof. Dr. Robert Dębski, Jagiellonian University in Krakow

The value of e-Virtue project in the real market place
MMag. Thomas Lung, BA, Europa-Wirtschaftsschulen Wien, Austria

Promote your training! How to get a "Label of Excellence"
Małgorzata Matyja PhD., Wrocław University of Economics
on 2nd October 2015
e-Learning jobs ... Indeed

Finding a job when you don't have one is difficult enough, but I'm still waiting for more support from all the technology that is allegedly available to us.

Indeed is yet another online job-search portal, claiming of course to be the largest in the world, present in over 50 countries and available in 28 languages. When you simply go to the main site, you get redirected to the language of your local provider's server. If you're an English-only speaker in a foreign country, you might have trouble finding what you're looking for. Technology that supports allows for user interaction. The ability to select one's langauge of choice and country of choice would be a place to start. In this regard, the portal isn't all that different than most portals I've seen.

Being interested in the state of available e-learning jobs in Germany, I simply punched in "e-learning" as my only search criteria. I was shown a list of over 750 jobs, which is actually very impressive until you take a closer look. There was a number of sales and marketing jobs included, but not necessarily with e-learning companies or directly related to the topic itself. There was also sound portiong of project-manager positions, also not necessarily related to e-learning, and, not unexpectedly, jobs for teachers and trainers in general were included.

While being fully aware that searching for anything can be an arduous task, I still think it's a good idea to provide real support if you're claiming to want to help. Better filtering, more options, readily available, and erring on the conservative side are all part of this. There's a lot to be found on the portal, that's for sure, but you still have to put in a good amount of effort to find what you're really looking for.

on 17th March 2015

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