The Knitty Committee

Hi there! We're the organising committee of the Oxford Drunken Knitwits and we call ourselves the "Knitty Committee". We see to it that the group runs smoothly and that as a Knitwit, you feel you get the most out of your ODK membership and that your views are well-understood and represented when we plan events and make decisions. We are an ever-expanding community of knitters who like to have a drink or two along the way, and we're here to keep up that great momentum! 

“Chief Knitwit”


Janey founded the Oxford Drunken Knitwits in May 2012 after moving to Oxford from North Carolina earlier that year. Being a social person in a new city, knitting in pubs by herself just wasn’t cutting it, and she thought, “there must be other people who want to do this with me”. She attended a few existing local knitting groups, but something was missing: a sense of silliness. Starting her own group called the “drunken knitwits” was the only answer, and hence this beautiful monster was born. Aside from her dayjob mapping infectious diseases, Janey lives and breathes Knitwits, and is constantly trying to come up with ideas and events to keep people excited and active in the group. She particularly loves designing ODK-branded paraphernalia, from beer mats to bottle opener keychains, and most importantly -- ball sacks.

"Deputy Chief Knitwit"


Jenny joined the Oxford Drunken Knitwits in June of 2012, at its third meeting. Being one of the longest-standing members of ODK, she knows the ins and outs of the group, and it wouldn't be the same without her. When she's not helping to produce an online corpus of the inscriptions of pre-islamic South Arabia, she's thinking up another yarn-bombing project for the Knitwits to get involved with. She really knows how to turn us into a factory churning out squares, flowers, and triangles at unprecedented rates. As an onlooker once said when watching us in action at a pub, "this looks like a really posh sweatshop". We consider that a compliment, and have Jenny to thank for it. That, her dry wit, and her ability to keep Janey in check when she gets a little carried away. 

"Deputy Chief Knitwit"


Emma joined the Oxford Drunken Knitwits in September of 2012 and immediately got enthused about helping out and planning events. Although she's kind of a big deal at Newton Europe, she makes the time to plan and attend Knitwits events whenever she can. She's also responsible for the ideas of our annual holiday and anniversary parties, as well as our summer retreat. She recently completed a beautiful baby blanket for her friend's newborn and proved she can finish a knitting project in less than one year, which we were unsure about after the red scarf experience of 2013.

Membership Manager

Emily joined the Knitwits in October 2012, unsure of her ability to knit, but very sure of her ability to drink. After a few failed attempts at a scarf, she soon learned she found crochet much quicker and easier and now churns out granny squares like there's no tomorrow. After a few stints away from Oxford both travelling the world and then living in Australia (where she set up the still-going-strong Melbourne Drunken Knitwits), Emily is now back in Oxford and will happily answer all your questions about subscription fees and introduce you to a few new people, no matter how long you've been a Drunken Knitwit. Give her a shout!

Scheduling Assistant

Lisa has been a Drunken Knitwit since early 2013, when she showed up asking people what the hell she should do with this yarn she had. Well, we told her, and she never looked back. Lisa continued to thank Janey for a lovely evening every single time she attended a Wednesday-night meetup up until recently, when she became responsible for the scheduling herself. Now she puts all of the regular Wednesday meetups in the calendar, and while there are a few we have to go to regularly as thanks for their sponsorship, she'd be happy to take your suggestions for other pubs we can try out or return to. She's also just a generally lovely person who will make you feel welcome as a new or existing member of the group!


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