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Viral News Jacker Review and bonus

Viral News Jacker Review: #2 - BORING, RECYCLED CONTENT. It DOESN’T work to just curate content ‘as-is’ from other sites …Unless it’s rewritten to be original, you won’t get any free search traffic …And visitors won’t spend any time or money on your site. #3 - NO TRUST: The BIGGEST reason most passive sites don’t make money? Not enough TRUST. With all of today’s data breaches & security issues, website visitors AREN’T clicking ads and buying offers from sites they don’t trust. Just ask FB ... Without trust, even the fanciest websites, best-written blogs orpremium review sites don’t make their owners a dime.

YOUR SHORTCUT TO PASSIVE PROFITS -  HIJACK TRUST FROM AUTHORITY SITES! Forget spending YEARS becoming an expert, building a huge following, and creating boatloads of content everyday … INSTEAD, simply borrow authority by sharing the latest trending content. And cash in on the ONE thing no one can live without ...Today’s internet users are ADDICTED to the news.  Politics, the economy, sports, entertainment …People can’t get enough and DEMAND to stay up-to-date. More importantly, people TRUST the news from major sites like CNN, ABC, CBC and countless other authority platforms. And news is BIG business - much bigger than most people ever realize. Viral News Jacker Review: MANY NEWS SITESMAKE THOUSANDS PER DAY IN PASSIVE INCOME. The Huffington Post, Mashable, Techcrunch and Engadget EACH earn over $10K DAILY …  While even lesser-known sites generate 4 figures each day. How are these sites making so much? By PASSIVELY monetizing with ads, offers & optin forms …AND legally borrowing authority simply by sharing content posted on OTHER sites! The RESULT of this ‘borrowed trust’ is viral traffic …And visitors happy to check out the on-site offers. Best part? Thanks to the freedom of information online, YOU can share news from these authority platforms yourself … And cash-in using OTHER people’s content, 100% legally & ethically! IF CASHING IN FROM TRENDING NEWS IS SO EASY.  WHY ISN’T EVERYONE DOING IT? People HATE WRITING articles and content. Takes months to YEARS to build up your own authority. People are scared of making really BIG MONEY

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dope review

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