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TAGGET Review Should I get it?

Tagget Review: Insight Analytics: Get to know the Geographical location and behaviour of your business visitors so as to allow you to relate with them in realtime.

Can do for you

Local Agency: It's pretty obvious how powerful this is for a local agency, right? You can not only use it to skyrocket your clients sales, but you can use it to skyrocket your own agency by offering your services to MORE small businesses in ANY area you'd like!

Ecommerce: It is INSANE how LITTLE ecommerce stores leverage the power of multi-channel marketing as part of their sales strategy. Most ecommerce stores make a sale ONCE and NEVER send out ANY additional offers to their customers - EVEN though they have ALL of their customers contact information to drive a MASSIVE boost in sales at ANY TIME! Imagine being able to get on a call with your eCom Store visitors at will, that is the insane power of Tagget… Truly revolutionary! Tagget Review

Ecommerce Agency: Since so little ecommerce stores use the power of multi-channel marketing in their business, why don't YOU become the expert at crafting follow-up email, SMS and Ringless voicemail campaigns on behalf of all the ecommerce stores out there? This is a GOLDMINE waiting to be claimed! You can also show them how they can add a simple widget, and be telling their story, showing off their product, and selling their brand right on video and in person… It doesn't get much better than this!

Affiliate Marketing: They all know how well email, text and Ringless voicemail works for affiliate marketing, right? Heck, you probably receive 5-10 affiliate emails PER DAY in your inbox, right? And probably another 2-3 texts per week with a 'new' opportunity. Imagine making a quick story video pre-selling the product you are promoting on your online properties… Yes, Tagget makes it all possible and fast!

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