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SOCIAL VIDEO ADZ Review and bonus should I get it

Social Video Adz Review: 02: Paid Traffic Is A Shortcut To Going Broke (unless you know what you're doing) ad costs keep going up competition is insane in most niches there’s ZERO guarantee of results. THE ONLY 2 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ONLINE TRAFFIC. These secrets cost us over $36k in training and thousands more in testing to discover...But the results, as you’ve seen, are obvious. THE 2 UNDENIABLE FACTS ABOUT ONLINE TRAFFIC THAT WILL NEVER GO AWAY: 01: Video RULES: You don’t need us to share the stats, you already KNOW video drives over 80% of all consumer-based online traffic. 02: Social Media Platforms are now “pay to play” for marketers: Organic reach from free posts is almost zero, so the ONLY way to tap viral social traffic is to pay for it.


Because outdated methods pushed by so-called experts simply aren’t working anymore.

You’ve probably heard things like: 1) Start a YouTube channel, it’s easy to monetize… Then, as of January 2018, YouTube changed the rules: YouTube tightens rules around what channels can be monetized. "Channels will need 4,000 hours of annual viewing time and over 1,000 subscribers.“ Social Video Adz Review. So after ALL that effort, 98% of YouTube marketeers can't make a dime from their channels. 2) Post organically to Facebook to reach a massive audience...Then, after one algorithm change, organic posts reach practically NO ONE: Facebook's Organic Reach is worse than we thought: Facebook pages only reach about 2% of fans with organic posts. Even marketers that have worked for YEARS building thriving pages only get their posts seen by 2 out of 100 fans... 3) Use Instagram for traffic, it's the fastest growing social network... But just like Facebook, organic reach is practically dead on this platform: Instagram (just like Facebook) is killing organic reach to promote ads says marketers and users. All the time & money hard-working marketers have spent on IG posts & softwares are getting them practically NO results.
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dope review

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