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Ranksnap 2.0 Review and bonus should I get it

Ranksnap 2.0 Review: They eat them up. Backlinks are the BEST way to rank fast and for a long time. You want to rank high, fast and for a long time? Siphoning Loads Of Free Traffic From SEO And STAYING ON TOP OF RANKINGS IS HARD AS HELL. You better start building hundreds and thousands of high quality backlinks and you better start monitoring them on a DAILY BASIS. Sounds complicated, time consuming, expensive? You bet a pair a Lambo’s and a planet that it is, and most people struggle with it. I’ve asked all the experts, went through all the BEST products and I discovered this. That the old way, the proven way, is the REAL WAY to go about it. You want all the traffic from Google and Youtube? HERE’S WHAT GOOGLE LOVES & HAS LOVED SINCE THE BEGINNING  (DECADES OF RANKINGS WITHOUT FAIL!). The old school way of doing SEO is what worked forever and still work now and won’t stop working anytime soon. And our new software automates the entire process and give you a HUGE advantage by acting as a human. You Need To Manually Build Thousands Of High Quality Backlinks, Create Social Accounts, Pay For Captcha & Plenty Of Additional Technical Tasks. Literally need to go and do this manually, or spend a lot of money so other people can do it for you. Either way, it’s expensive & time consuming as hell and you will burn out before you’ll see ANY rankings. Plus Google Now Tracks BEHAVIOUR & Engagement Which Means It’s Even HARDER For Beginners To Rank. And that’s not all, Google keeps introducing updates.. and their newest algorithm has introduced a new set of rules by which they determine which sites ranks and which doesn’t, and for how long..Ranksnap 2.0 Review

You See, Google Collects Users Behaviour To Evaluate The Relevance Of Content.

What this means is - If someone for example searches for a "weight loss" keyword, the user scrolls and opens some site from google search results. Then if the user likes the site, he keeps reading content, navigates to other pages on that site and essentially engages with the content in the site. He is ACTIVE and that tells Google that this site is highly relevant to the users search and keywords, and so a site like that, will be ranked.

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dope review

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