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Project Restart Review and bonus

Project Restart Review: I’ve assessed the road I’m on, the choices I’ve made, and the projects I’m working on and decided to drop everything that isn’t helping me get to where I want using proven strategies and proper mentorship.

If the idea of a restart gives you a wave of relief (I can’t tell you how much it has helped me in the past) then do this…

Check your inbox tomorrow for a short explainer from me that will point you in the right direction, help you get re-started, and point you at your target with renewed motivation, determination, and focus. Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you exactly how you can get your own restart completed THIS WEEK!

Yesterday, I sent you a quick message that explained how important it is to stop, breathe, and restart where you’re going in your internet marketing business.

I got so many replies asking for help to get rid of the overwhelm and stress that has taken people off-track and away from their goals…

and today I’m going to tell you exactly how you can restart to get right back on track before the end of the week! Project Restart Review

Let’s do it. First of all, consider the kind of business you want to have in the next 5 years:

Do you want to sell information products? Software? Services? Consulting/Coaching? Or something else? How much do you need to make per month in order to satisfy your goals from this business?

Do you see other successful marketers that you’d like to model yourself after? Consider your answers carefully. What you need next is a no-BS breakdown on your business model from the perspective of someone who has done it before and made it successfully work for them.

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dope review

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