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PAYMEMBER 2 Review and bonus should I get it

PayMember 2 Review: Paypal Protect" ANY Content On ANY Site. Setup AUTOMATED "Drip Fed Content" For Members In Seconds Make Sure ONLY People Who Have ACTUALLY PAID YOU, Get Access To Your Content. But Isn't Setting Up Membership For My Site REALLY Hard? How Does This Actually Work? The thing is until now the only way for most people to protect their content and deliver it to their members was to buy a Membership Site Wordpress plugin.

But most of these are REALLY EXPENSIVE.... take a look at how much they charge!. And they are also REALLY COMPLICATED. They all have dozens of things to setup... take a look, who really understands any of this stuff? Do you want to have to spend hours learning how to use a software? Do you want to have spend hours more configuring and integrating everything? Nope, not me either! And what happens if you don't want to use Wordpress anyway? Most membership site software only comes in the form of a Wordpress plugin... Don't worry, PayMember X is here to HELP You! Unlike other membership site software. PayMember is not expensive.. We are currently selling for just ONE LOW Fee. No subcription required, get full access for one payment today. PayMember is EASY To Use. You literally just have to enter the URL of the content page you want to protect and click a button. EVERYHTING on the page, text, download files, images, videos are all protected for you just like that! PayMember 2 Review Works On ANY KIND Of Site. Paymember is a SAAS app that lets you protect any kind of content (files, videos articles etc) on ANY kind of site. You don't need to use Wordpress! PayMember FINALLY Makes It EASY For You To SELL and Protect YOUR Content You Can Have Your "Paypal Protected" Site Content Secured In Seconds! Imagine being able to turn YOUR site articles or pages into something you can SELL. Imagine being able to SELL videos (and STOP them from being shared!). Imagine being able to create and sell PDFs, safe in the knowledge they wont be stolen.

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