dope review Review and 2300$ bonuses Review: You Wouldn’t Believe How Many People Don’t Know They’re Stuck In The e-Com Dark Ages of Running a Business? There’s no doubt in my mind that starting and running your own business is the fastest way to freedom online, so you’re already on the right path. If you want to be a Business mogul, a Business god, a Business LEGEND, I’m telling you, you can.

But you need to take whatever you’re doing with your business ‘empire’ right now... what are you doing? Actually, don’t answer that It’s quaint isn’t it? I bet it’s quaint. Like some Ye Olde English village, with a bunch of dirt-ridden peasants, selling mead, to a 3-legged goat... called Aragorn. Don’t worry, we’re going to take your little business operation and turn it into your own personal Roman empire… except better… because the Romans sucked at running an online business, and we’ve got something that’ll make you BRILLIANT at it. Maybe you think I’m crazy. Maybe you think I’m full of it. Maybe you’re right…But before you judge me too harshly tell me if this sounds familiar. Business Isn’t Working Out For You Quite Like They Said It Would... Turns out: It takes a little more than simply launching a website/shopify store and putting a product or service up for sale. People don’t buy up your entire inventory like some coked-up redneck at an arms fair. When they sold you on Run your own business dream, they “forgot” to mention something that’s destroyed more empires than a Mongol hoard.

So let’s call them what they are… Review Crooks who conveniently glossed over the fact that 95% of the stuff people add to your cart, never gets bought. Whatever your conversion goal is for that matter - people just don’t end up taking action right then and there which makes you LOSE out on more of whatever your conversion goal is. Be it Leads. Sales. Whatever it is! Why the lies? How else would they sell you their “pro-level 30 Email cart abandonment sequence, and the ultimate retargeting package, all for a cheap (ass) price of just $497”? Screw that. Seriously, SCREW THAT! And Here’s Something Else Those Crooks “Forgot” To Tell You…E-mail sucks. Open rates are falling off a cliff faster than Wile E. Coyote can say “That’s All Folks!”

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dope review

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