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MAILENGAGEX Review and bonus

MailEngageX Review: I cannot even begin to imagine where we’ll be next the quesiton you need to ask yourself is: How Do You Standout In An OVERBLOWN INBOX? Make More Money by Duplicating What Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Are Doing...(Without the expensive infrastructure they use!)See - we’ve figured out a way. And we have numbers to prove it (more on that soon). Fact is - big brands leverage their in-house million dollar infrastructure to send marketing messages with a unique distinction. Embedded personalization. And I am not just talking about the old “Hello {firstname}” types of personalization. I am talking about something MORE sophisticated, and MORE impactful. As a result, the emails get better customer experience and so - higher click through rates (and more sales!)  So the truth is - in email marketing...Personalization & Interaction Elements Are The Key. While the idea of executing this may seem complex and expensive, today we are making it easy for you. Today, we are giving you the EXACT technology and training you need to infuse MORE POWER into your emails - which will result in more clicks, and more sales…MailEngageX Review

...without annoying your audience. When your audience see emails PERSONALIZED to them, with a lot more substance, they are more likely to read, more likely to click and a WHOLE LOT more likely to BUY! Check Out Some Of Our Results With The Personalization Technology In Action: You see, the math is simple - more engagement, and more clicks equals MORE SALES!  INTERACTIVE EMAIL CONTENT increases the Click Through Rate, and according to Martech Advisor, adding videos & personalization to your email content can Boost Click Through Rates up to 300%. We use the SAME Interactive Elements That Netflix, AirBnB and Apple use, and as a result, we have TRIPLED our Click Through Rate! Check The Results We Got When We Tested Out Campaigns With & Without Personalized Autoplay Videos In The The Emails. Astonishing, right? We want to give you the SAME powerful technology we used!

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