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Content Gorilla Review and 2300$ bonuses

Content Gorilla Review is the kind of automation that you need for your websites so you can stop wasting countless amount of hours on writing articles for your blogs and instead focus on more money making tasks. Let the machines do what they're good at!

​Look, I made Content Gorilla because creating high quality content was too time consuming for me. When I stopped wasting time on that - I was able to 10X my business.

It's a pretty useful tool for me & my business, which is why I decided to open it to my own customers because I know you can benefit from it too.

​You get the point, right? I can keep on writing about Content Gorilla all day long because it's my baby and I have spent a lot of time and effort on it. But that's not what I am going to do...

So by now, it's simply time to decide...To decide whether Content Gorilla is for you or not based upon what you have read on this page. I can easily charge you on a per-site or per-article basis. And even then, I think the price will be justifiable. But today is about you. Not me. Content Gorilla Review is an app so big, that asking for an yearly or even monthly recurring price is easily justifiable and I am sure you will agree. So initially, we thought we'd let it got for $27/m or $324/yr. And it would have still been a steal, even at that price tag.

But like I said, today is about you. So I am not going to ask you a hefty price tag that you'll be paying month after month to use Content Gorilla.. Instead I am going to...

​Let You In At The  Absolute Ground Level. Because not only are you our existing customer, you will also be our founding member for Content Gorilla. I'd like to give you an advantage over all the others before we go public at a monthly/yearly recurring fee. I invite you to become the chartered member of Content Gorilla family at an exclusive one-time only fee.

Lets stack up the pile of Value you're receiving today...

The App - Content Gorilla: Create high quality, engaging, unique and search engine friendly content in seconds by converting any YouTube video into a blog post.

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dope review

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