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AppsBuilder Pro Review and bonus

AppsBuilder Pro Review: Let’s experience the next mobile generation app that google is using. Locate the Google Maps app on your smartphone and delete or disable it (don’t worry, you won’t lose any data). Open Google Chrome, search “Google Maps” and click the first link. You will see Google Maps in its entirety, working as you’d expect, within the browser (as well as a call-to-action at the bottom of the page asking you to add Google Maps to your home screen). Wait: Just for giggles, switch your smartphone to airplane mode and refresh the page. You will notice that it still loads

Boom. You’ve just witnessed the power of PWA , the next level of mobile app

What if you can have the exact technology based PWa and convert your existing website into a lightning fast future ready mobile app in just 1 click

Sounds interesting?

Checkout the full demo here

AppsBuilder Pro Review progressive web app maker eliminates the need of any technical expertise to build progressive web apps, allowing you to create amazing PWAs that deliver the same experience like native apps.

With AppsBuilderPro, you can create highly engaging apps that work on android, ios, and even chrome. - Load supremely fast

- Work even without the internet. - Work without internet

- Easy to install and auto-update - No manual work

- Send unlimited push notification on. - Installed from fact chrome will prompt to install your app

- Can be installed directly on apple or android devices without app store approval

And the best part you don't need to pay 1000s of dollar on single PWA ...just one time low price and convert unlimited sites into PWAs without any Hassle

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dope review

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