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Bring in HDB interior design Singapore to create new ambience for your old space

HDB houses are leased for 99 years by the public housing scheme of Housing and Development Board. Though it is a temporary lease contract it allows you to retain ownership for pretty much long period. More than 80% of the population in Singapore lives in these house and they can be found in locations like self contained satellite towns that have their own schools, shopping, sports and recreations elements. If you are living in one of them and is quite bored with the interior you can call in HDB interior design Singapore to give a new look. Well, that will certainly raise your spirit as the housing will make you spend more time within its walls.

Vertical societies offer fewer interior design scopes

Public housing in Singapore being vertical societies was developed in order to provide accommodation to people of lower rung economy. These are financially aided flats but can be subjected to interior changes that a HDB renovation Singapore agency will carry out with ease. Being a flat that co-exists with other flats in the building the space can be highly restricting in terms of interior redesigning. The existing interior may not be up to the latest trend, and may be with outdated lighting. It should be noted that these housing most times share the same corridor with neighbors for movement so the flats may be restricted in exterior design renovations.

HDB interior design can create new ambience

But it is possible for the HDB interior design Singapore to renew your interiors in to new tasteful living space which will make a compelling statement on the visitors and grab maximum focus. You certainly can increase ambience with the HDB renovation since you cannot increase space within. The interior designer will increase storage space though by installing new cabinets, and shelves. They will add wall fixtures and install new furniture to give depth to the design. Changing the paint on walls and ceilings can bring in a new look and feel that you have not experienced before. The interior designer will change carpet or install new wood or tile floor, renew the kitchen with storage efficient cabinets. They will go for a new cooking range and have oil and stain resistant tiles installed on the kitchen surface. The old wall or tile surface may not have been built to withstand backsplashes in the kitchen but the designer will see to it that it is now.

HDB renovation will be cheaper

HDB renovation Singapore needs not necessarily to be expensive because of the space involved and the budget limitation of the owners.  The lease factor also act as a brake for owners to invest more, as they may have to handover the ownership after expiry of the lease. Best thing about the renovation is that you will have a brand new living space that makes living in a HDB home a heavenly experience. You not only add ambience to your HDB house but also increase its usability to optimum while deriving the best living experience you ever had. As far as the parking space or landscaping concerned you have none of them that is your own so you mainly concentrate on what you have got within your four walls. The renovation will be innovative and cheap and designed to bring maximum visual effects and usability to your old HDB housing, so go for it!

De Style Interior

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