The Benefits of Computerized Valet Parking Systems to Your Business

Time is gold, as the famous saying goes, and this has been proven throughout time. Traffic jams, logistic delays, incomplete paperwork, and inefficient customer service all equate to lost income. Every keen business owner knows this and should innovate ways to minimize the time a customer spends completing a transaction. Modern technology has proven to be of great help, further opening the possibilities of doing things simpler through automation.

Businesses with physical establishments know that selling starts the moment a customer steps into their territory. Unfortunately, more people have vehicles now, and before these customers enter a store, they have to deal with finding a place to park. The great thing is that today’s technology has led to the development of CVPS - computerized valet parking systems.


Here are some of the benefits that CVPS can give a business.

Improved Valet Parking Efficiency

Most establishments employing a valet parking system today uses the valet-ticket model. The process goes:

      A customer pulls up to a valet spot.

      The customer gives the keys to an attendant.

      The attendant gives a service ticket to the customer.

      The attendant parks the car as the customer enters the establishment.

      To retrieve the car, the customer gives the service ticket to the attendant, and the attendant fetches the car.

      Valet service fees can vary from tips to fixed prices.

This system, although still works, poses several points where potential problems can arise. Some of these are:

      A customer loses the service or claim ticket.

      A customer does not have ready cash or does not have the exact amount for the valet fee.

      Insufficient valet attendants.

      Fraudulent damage claims.

CVPS can mitigate these challenges and improve service efficiency through:

      An excellent app that covers most of the things a customer needs, such as tracking where their vehicle is parked and their valet’s name and the ability to pay using electronic cash (e-cash) through the app.

      A centralized system that tracks the valets, vehicles, customers, and payments. This system is also tied with the app for real-time transactions. This system can also be added as part of a bigger network, say, a hotel or a casino’s service network.

      A security system that captures the vehicle’s physical condition while it is under the establishment’s care.

      A flexible option to prioritize app users versus walk-in guests.

With these features that the CVPS brings, the modern valet parking process now becomes:

      Customer sends the estimated arrival time to the establishment’s guest system.

      The system tracks the customer’s travel route and queues it to the CVPS.

      The CVPS displays a list of incoming customers to its attendants.

      A valet swipes his identity card on a card reader once he caters a customer’s vehicle.

      The CPVS takes note of the valet ID, the vehicle, and the customer details. It also sends an update to the customer’s app.

      The system generates an electronic ticket that is sent to the customer’s app.

      Upon car retrieval, the customer can just click a button on the app to signal the system for their car.

      The system alerts the customer for service fees.

      The customer pays the fees through the app.

      The CVPS informs a valet to retrieve the guest’s car.

      The attendant swipes his valet ID on the card reader to tell the system that the car has been turned over to the customer.

      The system logs the completed transaction and stores it for reference.

      In case a customer claims that his car got dented or scraped, the security system can be used to verify such claims.

Such an improvement in the valet parking process combines the functionality of a modern system with complete customer service. This elevates the customer’s experience and can definitely raise the positive ratings of a business establishment.


Improved Self-Service Parking

For businesses that opt not to hire people as valets, a CVPS can still be used to enhance a customer’s parking experience. This system can either be a stand-alone one or integrated with the existing security system. The configuration would be simpler, too, as it would consist of:

      Parking space indicators

      Security cameras

      Parking card release and retrieval

      Summary display for available parking spots and waiting cars

There can be one or two people assigned at the entrance and exit booths to handle parking fees or card errors. Security personnel can also be deployed to check incoming vehicles, parked cars, and outgoing ones.

This automated system, albeit simple, makes parking more manageable for customers. The summary display informs a guest on how many parking spots are available and how many customers have entered the area and are on their way to park their cars. The parking space indicators provide visual feedback to a customer if the space is available or not. One way is to use red and green lights. Red means the spot is occupied, whereas green means it’s free.

The parking cards add a level of security and need to be surrendered to exit the car park. These parking cards can also be used to track time especially if fees are computed by the hour.

The beauty of this CVPS is that it is easier to maintain, requires less personnel, and still provides better customer experience compared with parking areas that have no system at all.

Improved Event Parking Reservations

Parking can be a nightmare during an event like a concert, a celebration, or a dance party. Some groups of people have vacant properties that can serve as temporary parking spaces. Such areas can also be used for pop-up garages, especially for customers with high-end vehicles. These property owners can establish temporary partnerships with event management via CVPS.

Majority of the transaction can be completed online, either via a website or an app. Rates, duration, payment options, and special requests can all be done without the need for several meetings. This simplifies the process of adding parking spaces for events, increases the dependability rating of an event management business, and provides additional income for property owners.


A business establishment that customers can quickly reach and that offers an ample space for easy and safe parking is guaranteed to have more activity than an establishment that offers only one. Guests who can immediately park will have more time being a customer that an irritated driver, and the more time they spend as a customer, the more chances of them buying from the business.

Perhaps the best benefit a computerized valet parking system brings is that it adds to the earning potential f the business. It’s definitely an investment worth taking as it returns bring significant value than its cost.


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