Four exercises to get you a curvy body

There are many ladies who crave to get a curve body and for the same many follow a restricted diet and might end of without food for days. This can be dangerous for the body and health, a person should follow a balanced diet and even if he or she craves to get a curvy body one must not stop having food. There are some of the Best exercises for curvy body and one can follow these to get a curvy body.

The lift-off lunge exercise:

This type of exercise tones the butt, shoulders, triceps, thighs and the core. It is easy to perform the exercise with a person stand with the feet hip apart. Now hold a dumbbell up at the shoulders bent your elbow a little and point them out to the side with your palms facing forward. Have a giant step with the leg and lower body until the knees are kept at a degree of 90. Keep the knees in line with the ankles. Press the right foot with your same leg straighten and stand along with pulling the left knee forwards keep pressing the weights up towards the ceiling. Return to the starting point and keep repeating the process for 10 to 12 reps for both legs.

Leg raise and pushup exercise:

This is another easy exercise where a person has to lie facing down on a fitness ball, keep both of the hands on the floor. Keep the hands out that will allow the ball to roll under the body until the ball reached your shins. There is a need to keep the hands directly below the shoulders, this makes a posture of push up. By keeping the abs contracted and torso straight bend the elbows and lower part of the chest towards the floor. Stop the exercise when you get your upper arms parallel to the floor. Return to the starting point immediately contract the glutes as one lifts the right leg off the ball. Lower the right leg then lift the left leg. 8 to 12 reps are enough of this exercise. The exercise helps to get a toned shoulder, chest, core and triceps. If the exercise is too easy for you to try to move the ball under the top of the feet and repeat the exercise. If it is difficult for you, you can turn it easier by keeping the ball under the knees.

Hundred on the ball exercise:

This is a great exercise for people who want to tone the core. You have to start with laying on the back with the arms by the sides. Now bend the knees to a degree of 90 and place the calves on the fitness ball. By lifting your head and shoulders off the floor, make sure that you keep your head, neck and shoulders relaxed. It is not necessary to keep the head down every time of the exercise and it can be stressful for the upper body for the same one has to keep on relaxing the head.


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