A Know It All About Commodity Trading with CFDs

Let us start off with the simplest question: What is commodity trading?

This article is going to start off by addressing the most basic question about commodity trading – what is it? Commodity trading is the term given to the trade of any raw material or resource. It is just like any other business except the fact that their losses and profits tend to be in the extreme price range sometimes. If you are trading in resources like oil or other raw materials, you would benefit from this commodity trading article. Who knows, maybe you will learn how to trade commodities in Australia and all over the world.

How do CFDs work?

The full form of CFDs is “contract for differences”. They are a prime way of derivative trading which include but are not limited to commodities, shares, indices and treasuries. The concept of CFDs allows people to buy or sell on speculation – they can buy or sell some units according to their intuition of whether the prices will go up or down.

Now, what exactly does commodity trading via CFDs entail?

Commodity trading via CFDs basically means that you are indulging in the trade for a short term period. It all starts with contracts – a piece of agreement between the buyer and the seller which states the difference in the price of the commodities for as long as the contract is lasting. You don’t actually have to own a part or parts of the commodity to get involved in the CFD commodity trading. It is all just speculation – if the price goes up, you win and if it goes down you lose.

What are the benefits of trading commodities via CFDs?


  • You can indulge in this particular habit anytime and from anywhere that you want. All you have to have is your internet connection with you. You want to give a hand at the process of knowing how to trade commodities in Australia – all you really need is a data connection and that is it. The CFD trading market is open for 24 hours all days of the week – you can pop in anytime and try your hand at winning some money if your luck is with you.
  • Leverage in investments means the business of borrowing money to make some cash of your own. In this business, leverage is just another term of debt (owed to some other industries or people). Too high debt ratios can spell trouble for you and the same goes for too low leverage ratios. A perfect number for the professional services is 1:500 and for retail customers, it is 1:20.
  • Middlemen always bring trouble with them when it comes to trading because you have to spend extra on them by paying them bonuses and commission. That is why CFDs have replaced the age-old brokers – this piece of paper or nowadays, a digital agreement is all you need to seal the deal between the buyer and the seller. And as you well know, paper needs no fuel which means no hassle in learning how to trade communities in Australia is why you can keep the commission in your pocket and use it to invest more in your trade business.

What are the other things that you can use CFDs for?

Commodities are not the only industry which has a demand for CFDs. You can also use CFDs in other fields of derivative trading like cryptocurrencies, foreign exchanges, bonds, stocks, indices and so much more.

Winning features of a good medium of commodity CFD trading


  • You need to be able to trust the medium where you are performing the trade which automatically raises the question of certifications. You should inspect the site or medium thoroughly before you go ahead and start on the process of learning how to trade commodities in Australia. Make sure it is proved legitimate by a big third party company who can be relied on for this sensitive business.
  • The next requirement is that there should be minimal or no boundaries on the sort of trade that you can indulge in. You should be able to play the game as you want to because it is, after all, your money which is at stake. A site which offers you the freedom to apply any strategy and any style of trade that you want to is the one that you should choose.
  • The third parameter of commodities trading with CFDs is fast execution. The prices of commodities are extremely unpredictable – they can go up in one second and crash down the next. This is the reason that your bets should be executed the second that you have placed it before the price changes the next second. See to it that your designated medium has the ability to process the trade as soon as it has been placed – a difference of one second could lead to a huge loss of your money.
  • Then in the list comes two aspects that I have already mentioned before - leverage ratio and minimal deposits. The site that you have chosen to be your medium should have an optimum leverage percentage which ensures your safety in the capricious conditions. They should also have as minimal a money limit for their site which should match your affordability requirements.

These are some of the very few conditions that should match when you choose a site or medium for commodity trading via CFDs. This article has mostly covered all the aspects that you need to know before you hurry out to learn how to trade commodities in Australia and start out trying your luck. And then all you need is your instincts and wits about you – they are the two main weapons in your arsenal that will help you beat the prices and earn you some easy money. You need to recognise the pattern that the prices work in or create an algorithm that will predict the path of the price and voila, you will be the master of all.


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